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Posted December 14, 2006 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Store, WordCamp.

At various events throughout 2006, like SxSW and WordCamp we had t-shirts and each time we got a ton of requests for people who weren’t there to be able to buy them. Well, now you can. We have a limited supply of some of our shirts from this year available to order online.

You can’t tell from the pictures, but the black shirts have a larger W logo and make you feel a bit like Superman. The grey WordCamp shirts have the logo a bit smaller, and are a bit reminiscent of Daring Fireball. Both look good with jeans.

Part of the idea is once we print a style, we never do it again, so each shirt will be representative of a certain time in WordPress history. Since these are the very first, they make a great gift for yourself or that special blogging geek in you life. Check out the store.

If you have any pictures of yourself in a WordPress shirt on Flickr, be sure to tag them wordpressshirt to join the fun.

Update: We’re very sorry, but Goodstorm only ships to the US. If you’d like that to change, send Goodstorm some feedback.

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  1. […] Just bought myself a WordPress shirt!! Totally limited supply. I can’t wait to receive it, I shall wear it proudly. […]

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  2. WordPress T-Shirts: First Edition

    The WordPress folks have a limited amount of WordPress and WordCamp t-shirts available for sale. These t-shirts are the first edition. They’re planning on coming up with different styles in the future to represent specific times in WordPress hi…

    Trackback from T. Longren on December 15, 2006

  3. […] Wie Matt verlauten lässt, gibt es nun das obligatorische Erkennungsshirt für alle WordPress-Fans. Für 15$ kann man sich das gute Stück derzeit bestellen. Das bekannte W-Logo ziert die Front des Shirtes und ist in schwarz zu haben, wobei die Damen ein extra passendes Modell bekommen können. Ebenso wird aufgerufen, sich im WP-Shirt abzulichten und bei Flickr zum Tag wordpressshirt zu hinterlegen. […]

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  4. […] حسب الخبر فانه لن يتم طباعة قمصان أخرى بنفس التصميم حتى تبقى هذه القمصان ذكرى وجزء من تاريخ wordpress. […]

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  5. […] WordPress created an online store for WordPress limited edition t-shirts. Part of the idea is once we print a style, we never do it again, so each shirt will be representative of a certain time in WordPress history. Since these are the very first, they make a great gift for yourself or that special blogging geek in you life. [via WordPress Development Blog] […]

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  6. […] WordPressの公式開発ブログより限定Tシャツ販売のアナウンスがあった。同じデザインのTシャツは二度と作らないとのこと。今回のは大きな「W」のロゴが入った黒のTシャツ(男性用と女性用)とWordCampのグレイのTシャツ。これは買わねばと早速オンラインショップに行ったんだけど、、、今はアメリカ以外には発送していないと、、、残念!でももうすぐ海外に発送できるようにする予定ともあったので、もうちょっと待ってみませう。 この投稿は tai によって作成され、2006年 12月 15日, 8:50 PM に WordPress カテゴリーに公開されました。ブックマークにはこのページの パーマリンク を登録するとよいでしょう。この投稿へのコメントは RSS フィードで購読することができます。 この投稿にコメントを残すことができます。また、ご自分のサイトからトラックバックを送ることも可能です。この投稿のトラックバックURL « WPのプラグイン:Diagnosis […]

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  7. […] WordPress限量T恤,现在可以购买了,但是不送到中国。在米国有亲戚朋友可以试试。 […]

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  8. […] Appearantly, there is a slight problem when ordering one of those spiffy new WordPress t-shirts. It is that you can’t have it sent outside of the United States, which sucks immensely if you are in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, etc. Tsk tsk tsk, WordPress – why did you choose to sell your t-shirts through a storefront that is NOT friendly to the International community? Why must you support a company that has a US superiority complex? Why, WordPress, why?!? […]

    Pingback from WordPress T-Shirts only available to those in the US at The Darkest Evil on December 15, 2006

  9. […] WordPress put a post on all of our dashboards inviting us to check out a limited edition range of t-shirts. The post on the development blog linked through to the store – telling us that the t-shirts could be ordered online. After wasting ten minutes setting up on an accoutn and filling out all my personal data, it turns out that they left out the crucial “only in the US” bit. Would it be so hard to mention that (sort of important) caveat in the original blurb? […]

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  10. […] A limited number of WordPress T-shirts are now available. […]

    Pingback from WordPress T-Shirt » Eric Stoller’s blog on December 15, 2006

  11. […] It also happens that Matt announced the release of the limited edition WordPress t-shirts from the same vendor, which I took to be a sign that maybe I should either buy both the t-shirts, or drop not-so-subtle hints to my family and friends to let Santa know I might be interested. […]

    Pingback from Velvet Unravelled » Blog Archive » Honesty is the best policy on December 16, 2006

  12. […] Вордпрессовцы выпустили фирменные футболки, однако, в Россию их не заказать. Никак не могу понять, с нынешней глобализацией, неужели так трудно открыть shipping to Russia. PayPal не дает принимать на аккаунты российских пользователей деньги, а также просто пополнять баланс. Как-то хотел заказать тоже какую-то футболку (вроде Гугла), тоже не получилось. И тут вот – очередной облом. […]

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  13. […] Take a look at the post about the T-Shirts from WordPress here. […]

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  14. […] Get your WordPress T-shirts here – there appears to be a short supply so grab one now. Note: Clever marketers often get one to react by saying that things are in “short supply”, worked on me, I just bought a cool, black and white WordPress T-shirt! It’s mine all mine! […]

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  15. […] Há três dias, apareceu no dashboard do WordPress uma notícia sobre camisetas temáticas do sistema de blogs que usamos e adoramos. Eu quero uma! […]

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  16. […] WordPress的限量T-shirt,真的很不錯,但是沒有送到美國以外的區域,好可惜啊 >_< 而且很便宜,好想買啊! 線上訂購網站 – GoodStorm  ,可以看一下人家穿在身上的樣子(女Modle喔) […]

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  17. […] Mark Jaquith, who I will probably forever call Mark Jarquith in my mind because that’s how I first read his name, has announced the Release Candidate version of 2.0.6 on the WP-Testers list. I’ve detailed the contents 2.0.6 in this post. Chances are this release will be come before Christmas. So get your blogs ready for the update. Make sure your files and databases are backed up and you are ready to go… And be sure you are sporting your limited edition WordPress shirt as you do it! (Order now! Operators are standing by!) […]

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  18. […] Cela n’est plus le cas. WordPress.org a annoncé sur son blog, la vente d’une série limitée de teeshirts WordPress : “WordPress Limited Edition T-Shirt“ […]

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  19. […] Limited T-shirts https://wordpress.org/development/2006/12/limited-t-shirts/ […]

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  20. […] WordPress T-Shirts Published by Alex 0 minutes ago in Websites. If you are into ‘geek’ t-shirts, take a trip over to the t-shirt post at wordpress.org, the open-source makers of Indigo’s blogging software. They are selling limited edition t-shirts. Social bookmark this:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

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  21. […] Come avrete visto nella Dashboard (se avete un blog su piattaforma WordPress), c’è la possibilità di acquistare le magliette di WordPress, appunto. Simone: “La voglio!” Sky One: “Io no” Simone: “Perchè?” Sky One apre un link in cui una ragazza oserei dire brutta indossa una maglietta di WordPress. Simone: “Ossignùr!!!!” Sky One: “Ecco, appunto: poi la gente ti vede, dice ‘Ossignùr’ e magari passa a Movable Type o b2evolution…!!!” Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

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  22. […] Shirt WordCamp 2006 sur American Apparel édition limitée via […]

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  23. […] WordPress T-Shirts are being sold but it is not mentioned how much of $15 is going to WordPress.org. I love WordPress but if only a very tiny portion of $15 is going to WordPress, well, it doesn’t make sense to me to spend $15 on a t-shirt. […]

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  24. […] finally got my Limited-Edition WordPress T-Shirt yesterday courtesy of 9ruler SeanRox. Of course, while it’s a little big for me since Americans […]

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