Limited T-shirts

At various events throughout 2006, like SxSW and WordCamp we had t-shirts and each time we got a ton of requests for people who weren’t there to be able to buy them. Well, now you can. We have a limited supply of some of our shirts from this year available to order online.

You can’t tell from the pictures, but the black shirts have a larger W logo and make you feel a bit like Superman. The grey WordCamp shirts have the logo a bit smaller, and are a bit reminiscent of Daring Fireball. Both look good with jeans.

Part of the idea is once we print a style, we never do it again, so each shirt will be representative of a certain time in WordPress history. Since these are the very first, they make a great gift for yourself or that special blogging geek in you life. Check out the store.

If you have any pictures of yourself in a WordPress shirt on Flickr, be sure to tag them wordpressshirt to join the fun.

Update: We’re very sorry, but Goodstorm only ships to the US. If you’d like that to change, send Goodstorm some feedback.

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