WordCamp in San Francisco

On August 5th, 2006, we’re planning a WordPress user conference called WordCamp. The idea is to bring WordPress users and developers so we can meet each other face to face, share stories, and try to figure out the future of our little corner of the online publishing revolution.

The conference will be a 1-day event, with a party that night, and be free to anyone and everyone. We’re aiming to do it in the style of BarCamp, so the agenda will be largely determined by you guys. I’ve posted a little bit more about the ideas behind WordCamp on my blog.

I know it’s relatively short notice, especially for folks in other countries, but if you think you can make it or if you just want more information check out WordCamp.org, where we’ll coordinating the event. I’m really looking forward to meeting people I interact with online every day.

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