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Posted March 29, 2006 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Widgets.

Widgets are an easy way for you to arrange and rearrange your sidebar to your hearts content without touching a line of code. We first launched WordPress Widgets (WPW) it on WordPress.com a month ago and the response was great. Now we’re ready to release the plugin to the world. If adoption goes well, we’ll consider rolling it into the next version of WordPress.

You can find out more information and download the plugin on the new Widgets page.

If you’re a developer, writing a WordPress Widget is as easy as a plugin and we’ve even documented all the APIs for you, as well as including guides for theme authors and current plugin authors.

What’s the potential audience for widgets? In addition to the 130,000+ blogs on WordPress.com, you have the potential to tap in to the 5,000 people downloading WordPress every single day and the hundreds of thousands of existing WordPress blogs out there.

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  1. […] The WordPress Widgets (WPW) plugin is out of testing. […]

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  2. […] Matt writes on the WordPress development blog that if the plugin becomes a success, it might be integrated in the next version of WordPress. […]

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  3. WordPress Widgets Plugin – WordPress Blogging for Dummies?

    Ein neues WordPress-Plugin schickt sich an, das Blogging zu revolutionieren. Es entzieht dem Anwender den direkten Template-Zugriff und macht das Blogging für Dummies zum Kinderspiel. Raus aus der Beta-Phase ist ein neues WordPress-Plugin Wordpre…

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  4. […] WordPress Widgets之前已经在WordPress.com上使用,并受到了一致的好评。官方日志上说如果现在这个插件被大众接受的话,很有可能会做为下一个版本的默认安装插件。 […]

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  5. […] Check this out: Widgets Plugin […]

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  6. […] Today the WordPress Widgets plugin was announced. They have been available on wordpress.com for a while and I spoke to Andy from wordpress.com earlier this week and have had the plugin working in the theme since Tuesday. It just needs a few tweaks and I will release it all into the wild. […]

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  7. […] Sidebar Widgets Plugin released The folks from wordpress.com have released thier Sidebar-Widgets to the public (wow, thank you!). The widgets come as a plugin and enable wordpress-users to configure their sidebar to their wishes, without touching the code. It will be easy to include or re-arrange recent comments, archives, blogroll, flickr …  I will have a look a the plugin asap and try to include it here on zungu.net. The themes will have to be adapted to the change, so I’ll try to find some new themes that include it already and step by step change some of the current themes. In case you find some cool new themes let me know… […]

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  8. […] Via WordPress-Blog. […]

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  9. […] WordPress Development Blog › Widgets Pluginより ウィジェットとは、コードを一行も触ることなくサイドバーを好きなようにアレンジするための簡単な手段です。 私たちはまず、ひと月前にこのWordPressウィジェット(WPW)をWordPress.comに実装しましたが、皆さんの反応は素晴らしいものでした。 そして今、世界に向けてこのプラグインをリリースする準備が整いました。 このプラグインが皆さんに広く採用されるようであれば、WordPressの次のバージョンに取り込むことを検討したいと思います。 […]

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  10. WordPress Sidebar Widgets

    Bislang konnte man dem Sidebar im Blog-System WordPress ja nur mehr oder weniger programmatisch zu Leibe rücken. Nun gibt es auf automatic.com ein Widgets-Plugin für WordPress, welches mehr Individualisierungsmöglichkeit für den S…

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  11. […] With comming of the Widget Plugin I decided to update the Basic 2 Col and add support for the plugin to the theme. […]

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  12. […] Matt donosi, że wtyczka do WordPressa odpowiedzialna za obsługę widget’ów (window+gadget) opuściła fazę testów i jest już dostępna do pobrania. Widget plugin przede wszystkim ma za zadanie w prosty sposób umożliwić właścicielowi bloga opartego o WordPress modyfikację zawartości bocznego panelu (sidebar) poprzez metodę przeciągnij i upuść (drag&drop). Zapowiada się ciekawie. Wkrótce zamierzam to przetestować. […]

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  13. […] So WordPress Widgets released for self-hosted sites, today.  I had to try them, and since only certain themes are supported, I’ve changed mine just to see what all the fuss was about. […]

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  14. […] The wizards at WordPress have released a Widgets Plugin that sounds kind of interesting. It also sounds kind of complimacated, but I may play around with it some. It basically allows a theme developer to specify chunks of code (like a list of links, or a flickr badge, or a google search) that can be moved around in the sidebar by the user; users can also download other widgets to add in. I guess it’s really just a way of making things easier for folks who don’t know enough HTML/CSS/PHP to configure their own sidebars, but it’s definitely an interesting development. […]

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  15. […] Tiene buena pinta el Widgets-plugin para wordpress. A ver si puedo probarlo. […]

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  16. […] WordPress has just announced the release of a Widgets Plugin. According to the announcement, Widgets are an easy way for you to arrange and rearrange your sidebar to your hearts content without touching a line of code. […]

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  17. […] Bisher gibt es noch nicht so gewaltig viele Widgets für WordPress, aber da der gute Matt bei Automattic (welch ein Wortspiel!) mit im Team ist, wird sich da in naher Zukunft sicherlich noch einiges tun. Das ganze kannst du auch noch mal auf dem offiziellen WordPressentwicklerblog nachlesen. […]

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  18. WordPress Widget Plugin

    Want to change your WordPress sidebar but don’t wanna edit any code? The WordPress Widgets Plugin is just what you’re looking for.
    It made it’s debut on WordPress.com a few months ago and is now being released for public consumption….

    Trackback from T. Longren on March 30, 2006

  19. […] Interesting news: The "Widgets" known from WordPress.com are now available for regular hosted WordPress installations as well. Read more about it in the WordPress development blog. I will read up on this soon, and update WP-Andreas01 to support this new feature within a day. […]

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  20. […] WordPress.org WordPress.com Lorelle on WordPress PascalRossini.com […]

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  21. […] WordPress Widgets Get them […]

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  22. […] March Jeff09:39 amAdd comment Hot on the heels of Typepad’s widget announcement, WordPress has released their own Widget plugin after extensive testing. There is even talk (in the development blog post I linked to) that the Widgets plugin could be included by default in a future release of WordPress. I was already planning on posting some statistics from my Last.fm account, in addition to the previously mentioned Witendo.com Wi-Fi Tag badge. Hopefully, widgets will make it easier to cross-pollinate information from other sites on blogs everywhere (including my own). […]

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  23. […] Yes, they were released into the wild while I was sleeping. The Widgets Plugin post announced on the Dev Blog heralded the arrival on the scene of the widget-world to non-WordPress.com users. I had heard about them and had been patiently waiting to see them in action. I'm cool with them at first blush. I still need to play around with them some more, but I like it. […]

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  24. […] Via: WordPress.org […]

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  25. […] Сегодня в блоге разработчиков движка WordPress появилось сообщение о появлении нового плагина, вся функциональность которого направлена на более лёгкое и наглядное управление боковой панелью WordPress — это там, где у меня поиск, фотография, облако меток и так далее. […]

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  26. […] I love their new Widgets Plugin that allows you to add and remove content from the sidebar by clicking and dragging boxes into place. What will they think of next? I can’t wait to see! […]

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  27. […] Poder usar Widgets en WordPress… podería ser a revolución! Vía WP-blog Xa dito: A sementeiraChúzame! engadido para o WordPressEngadidos do WordPress […]

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  28. […] WordPress.org WordPress.com Lorelle on WordPress PascalRossini.com […]

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  29. […] WordPress widgets, something that you must have experienced if you had blogged at wordpress.com, is now available for full version wordpress users. It has a highly configurable dynamic sidebar that could be now modified without writing a single line of code. The configuration menu uses AJAX that allows easy drag drop of widgets. […]

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  30. […] Widgets are pretty amazing. I witnessed what widgets can do while poking around with several themes at WordPress.com. I was pretty amazed how users can drag and drop elements into the sidebar area. The usual sidebar suspects such as Pages, Links, Calendar, Categories, Archives, Recent Comments, Search and Meta were available along with Text and RSS feeds. With Text, you can drag and drop a text box in the sidebar panel which is similar in function to the About text you see in several WordPress themes. The RSS widget allows you to syndicate news in your sidebar such as CNN, BBC and Yahoo News for example. You can specify how many Text and RSS widgets you want added by simply selecting from a dropdown menu. […]

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  31. […] Yesterday, WordPress announced the new widget plugin. You can find all you need to now about widgets here, so I’ll spare you the technical details. […]

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  32. […] WordPress Development Blog › Widgets Plugin (tags: wordpress) […]

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  33. […] In other blogs: WordPress Dev Blog, Blog Herald Filed in: Blog Design, Blog Software, WordPress Related Posts: » WordPress 2.0.2» WordPress Codex» WordPress 2.0.2 Released – Security Fixes» Business Blog with Typepad Techorati Tags: WordPressWordpress WidgetsAutomatticBlog DesignBlogDesignSolutionsBlog Design Solutions «« CSS Based Design • Home • […]

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  34. WordPress Widgets now available for download

    The WordPress development team announced the release of the new Widgets feature today. The idea behind these Widgets is apparently that they allow you to edit your blog’s formatting and design (in this case the sidebar) through a GUI, eliminating…

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  35. […] Widgets Plugin […]

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  36. […] Automattic has released the Widgets plugin, for which WebbleYou is proud to offer technical support. […]

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  37. […] Read more at this site. […]

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  38. […] Then we have WordPress Widgets introduced last month on the WordPress.com hosted blog service (TypePad’s direct competitor). Next, a widgets plugin for the WordPress platform was announced this week. WordPress is a direct competitor of Six Apart’s Movable Type, which doesn’t offer such functionality yet. […]

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  39. […] WordPress Widgets at K2 [www.getk2.com/2006/03/wordpress-widgets/] & [www.wordpress.org/development/2006/03/widgets-plugin/] The Automattic guys have released their Widgets Plugin… […]

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  40. […] Just did a quick revamp of the sidebar of this blog using WordPress’s new Widgets Plugin – and I’ve got to same I’m impressed! […]

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  41. […] WP Widgets. TypePad Widgets. Con dous días de diferencia. […]

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  42. WordPress drag&drop

    Das nächste grössere WordPress Ding könnte die Modifikation des Blog Designs per drag&drop sein. Bei WordPress gibt es neu das Widgets Plugin mit dem man sich seine Sidebar sehr leicht zusammenstellen kann ohne eine Zeile Code anzufassen. Vorra…

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  43. […] Earlier this week I opened my trusty WordPress blog creation software and saw news that a new sidebar plugin had been released that makes it easier to arrange items in the sidebar of my blog page. Then yesterday I came across the news that TypePad has introduced their own set of Widgets for their blogging platform. […]

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  44. […] I found this blog entry (Widgets Plugin [wordpress.org]) on the WordPress Blog [wordpress.org]. The Sidebar Widgets [automattic.com] are pretty neat.  It’s a plugin by Automattic [automattic.com]. I installed the plugin. After a few modifications and a few addtions of my own, I changed from my old sidebar to the new (much more configurable) widget plugin. Now, I can drag and drop the various ‘widgets’ rather than changing code. […]

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  45. […] Módulos para WordPress: hoy WP lanza los widgets (módulos de funciones) y si tienen éxito, prometen incorporarlos a la próxima versión. […]

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  46. […] Imágenes en un solo cuadro: BubbleShare permite crear un álbum y mostrarlo en un sólo cuadro, como una presentación o un video. Podés compartir el álbum en tamaño pequeño, grande e incluso hacer zoom y ver los detalles (si la imagen fue subida en alta resolución). Bloques de noticias de otros sitios: con el archivo de sindicación de cada sitio, se puede generar un bloque de noticias. Es muy configurable. Puede incluir título, descripción y fecha. Creador de botones: con el estilo que se impuso como botón estándar en weblogs, se puede armar el propio eligiendo el texto y el color. PageRank: una herramienta para conocer la ‘autoridad’ que da Google a nuestro sitio o mostrarlo en nuestro sitio o blog. Estadísticas para bloguers: incluyendo un código en el propio blog, da estadísticas con ítems interesantes y permite tener múltiples blog en una misma cuenta. Categorías en Blogger: para sortear esa debilidad del Blogger. Está en beta pero aquí puede verse el ejemplo funcionando. Módulos para WordPress: hoy WP lanza los widgets (módulos de funciones) y si tienen éxito, prometen incorporarlos a la próxima versión. […]

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  47. […] It doesn’t stop there, WordPress.Org released a plugin that would allow your blog readers to CUSTOMIZE YOUR BLOG SIDEBAR! And I mean rearrange your side bar by collapsing or dragging and dropping your sidebar elements (lists of archives, recent comments, recent posts, links, etc.) to whatever order they wish to see! For further reading, see the links below. […]

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  48. […] The next podcast will exceed anything I’ve done in the past.  I love WordPress, but it has been a nightmare since the beginning.  I’ve changed themes so many times, that even I cannot keep count.  They did just release a cool new plug-in that will make my life easier.  The only problem is the Theme I was using is not compatible with this new drag and drop sidebar plug-in.  I hope, I’ll have this all resolved in a few days. […]

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  49. […] to worry, there’s an API GUIde too. Technorati Tags: Widgets, WordPress, WWW   [link] [Trackback] [][(?)] […]

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  50. […] Das neue WordPress Widgets Plugin ermöglicht es benutzern, die Sidebar des Blog per Drag´n Drop zu gestalten. An sich eine ziemlich coole Sache, allerdings bleibe ich doch lieber dabei die Sachen per Hand zu editieren. Nicht zu letzt, weil das Widgets Plugin offensichtlich nicht mit meiner SSL Proxy Konfiguration zurechtkommt und mich mit einem Bad Gateway Fehler wieder vor die Tür gesetzt hat. Plugin deinstaliert und schon läuft wieder alles… […]

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  51. Created my first Widget for WordPress

    After I did read about the public release of the widgets sidebar, I couldn’t stop to create just one for it.
    And after a night of work..as usual trail&error , I got it done.
    Edit: the Information page is now up here
    It shows you the latest …

    Trackback from PhSoftware Programming Blog - PSPB on April 1, 2006

  52. […] בצירוף מקרים מוזר ומעניין, גם TypePad (דרך מפצח הטק) וגם WordPress.org שיחררו תוספי Widgets לקהל המשתמשים שלהם. אצל האחרונים מדובר בפלאג-אין לוורדפרס שאמור לאפשר לבעל הבלוג לארגן את ה-sidebar שלו כאוות נפשו ובקלות האופיינית למוצר המצוין הזה. נסו וספרו לנו אם נהנתם. […]

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  53. […] Did anyone else notice the proximity of the respective releases of WordPress Widgets and Typepad Widgets? […]

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  54. […] WordPress Development Blog › Widgets Plugin […]

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  55. […] Alleluia mes frères ! Enfin encore une nouveauté dans le fabuleux monde des blogs ! La société Automattic [1] vient de lâcher un nouveau plugin pour WordPress : les widgets. Ce plugin vous permet de configurer la barre de navigation de votre blog sans avoir à écrire une seule ligne de code. Tout se fait par de simple glisser-déplacer dans une interface digne des plus beaux sites du web2.0. […]

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  56. […] https://wordpress.org/development/2006/03/widgets-plugin/ […]

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  57. […] With the announcement/ release of WordPress Widgets I had a look into seeing if it was available in the amazing K2 theme/ mod which I’m using. […]

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  58. […] In all, I have 9 plugins running. I eagerly await the next one, none other than the WordPress Widgets plugin   […]

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  59. […] Bueno, esta sí es buena. WordPress Widgets, vistosos plugins para tu sidebar sin que tengas que tocar una sola línea de código. Si la respuesta es buena, quizás los incluyan en la próxima versión de este CMS. […]

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  60. Tiga Theme Now Supports WordPress Widgets

    A while back a new plugin called WordPress Widgets (WPW) was released. This plugin allows WordPress users to easily customize their theme by dragging and dropping widgets into their theme’s sidebar(s).
    I’ve updated the Tiga theme theme with support…

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  61. […] WordPress Development Blog › Widgets Plugin Widgets are an easy way for you to arrange and rearrange your sidebar to your hearts content without touching a line of code. […]

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  62. […] Trying to install the “Widgets Plugin” on an unsupported theme is obviously not ideal. It is proving to be quite a pain. I must not be doing something right. This would be a cool plugin if i could get it to work too. Maybe I will try another theme first. One that WordPress actually supports. Hopefully they come out with support for all themes soon. […]

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  63. […] Finally, I’m making use of the newest WordPress feature: widgets. These are draggable sidebar items that let you organize and order the sidebar any way you like. You can even create your own in almost no time! It’s a real treat and definitely makes customizing the site that much easier. […]

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  64. […] There’s a new version of flickrRSS for your consumption. It incorporates some minor bug fixes that were brought to my attention. If there’s interest in a WordPress widget for Flickr, I can probably cobble something together. […]

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  65. […] Jetzt bewegen wir uns doch mal in eine interessante Richtung. Der Widget Plugin ermöglich das gestallten der Sidebar für jeden WordPress Blog der eine Theme verwendet dir standard ist, oder sollte ich eher sagen, die von der default nicht zu sehr abweicht. […]

    Pingback from Gutermann Net - Blog Archive » WordPress Widget Plugin on April 4, 2006

  66. […] WordPress hat nun Widgets als Plugin verfügbar. Das heisst für mich, den Anwender, ich kann meinen Sidebar – das ist das Ding links mit dem Kalender und der Navigation – im Backend dynamisch per Drag ‘n Drop anpassen. Da diese Widgets als PlugIn geliefert werden sind keine groben Änderungen von Nöten, es sei denn man hat sehr eigene Plugins bzw Templates, welche man anpassen muss. […]

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  67. WordPress gets widgetized!

    So.. WordPress finally has some sort of modular widget system for the sidebar… Me, being a convert from PHP-Nuke, just HAD to try it out… Took a few mins to get it set up, but so far, it’s pretty slick. I can’t wait for the …

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  68. […] Widgets. […]

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  69. […] WordPress widgets By sugarman Looks like wp will be rolling widgets out into the next release. I wish someone would consider abstracting the category information. It would be nice to link and auto post to categories on other blogs. This entry is filed under Science and Tech, Computing, WordPress. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Leave a Reply […]

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  70. […] You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. « WordPress2.0.2 […]

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  71. […] WordPress.org announcement; […]

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  72. […] I love the new WordPress widget plugin that makes it easy to reorder and rearrange your sidebar. I’ve even created a tentative Now Reading widget – available on the Now Reading page – with more customisation to come. I’d quite like to switch Now Reading over to a totally Widgets based system. […]

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  73. […] The folks over at WordPress just anounced a new Plugin for adding sidebar Widgets. […]

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  74. […] Waks… ternyata.. setelah databasenya diimpor… masih ngaco juga. Wah… klo begini yang salah ada di databasenya. Iks… mo dicari satu-persatu bakal lama. Ya udah… apus aja semua iks… Jadi sekarang blogku kosong lagi. Sidebarnya juga blum ditambah pernak-pernik. Ntar nyoba pake widgets aja ah… Posted in Semua, Kisah | […]

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  75. […] be a little choppy for awhile. I’m sure you’ll manage. Posted in General · Trackback· […]

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  76. WordPress: Gitin’ Widgie Wit It

    I’ve finally had a chance to get the new Widgets plugin installed, and I think I’m really going to like it.  Thus far, I’m still working out some of the details, like how to incorporate my Amazon ads, but the plugin installed easily …

    Trackback from The DragonFlyEye.Net Blog on April 8, 2006

  77. […] For those I know that are into the widgets he has also widgetized a number of his plugins now too (I know I made up a word )  It also must be said I’ve found his blog to be good reads too.  So get your bums over and check them out. Tags: blogging Now Reading pluggin plugins reading Roblog Scrobbles widgets No Comments Leave a comment […]

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  78. […] i’ve been spending some free time widgetizing this blog. the wordpress widget is a new plug-in that is suppose to make it easy to configure and manage the sidebar. for the most part it does make things easier and simpler. rearranging the sidebar becomes a click, drag and drop affair. […]

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  79. […] So I *think* I have settled on the new theme for 404NRF. It’s simple, but it still allows me to swap out a purty picture at center stage on the main page from time to time. It’s also desiged to work with the slick new widgets feature/plugin that WordPress whipped out, which makes sidebar elements roughly ten times easier to juggle, add and remove. Of course, this means that your sidebar hacks will have to be rewritten to become widget-ized, but if you follow WordPress’ widgets blog and pick up a couple of clever widgets like this exec php one, you should be set to go. […]

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  80. […] April 9th, 2006 Ich habe meinen Sidebar jetzt auf Widgets umgestellt. Die kann man schön einfach rumschieben und rein- oder rausnehmen, wie es einem gefällt. Sehr nett. […]

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  81. […] April 9th, 2006 I changed my sidebar to use widgets now. You can easily move them around and add or remove them as you like. Very nice. […]

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  82. […] A comment posted yesterday reminded me about the update of the Dark Maple theme. A few days ago I have modified the sidebar to work with the new Widgets plugin but I forgot to post about it. I am not sure whether the calendar will work with the widgets plugin – initially it wasn’t part of the nested list structure required for it. If the feedbacks will be negative I’ll work more on it. […]

    Pingback from Playing with WordPress » Dark Maple ready for widgets on April 11, 2006

  83. […] in case you haven’t noticed, or if you’ve bee reading my blog through an RSS reader, there’s a new link at the top of the page.  After jon’s commments about page loading time, i decided to invest some more time in my disconnected theme.  It just so happened that the day after the initial release, Automattic released the widgets plugin for standalone wordpress installs.  it’s a fantastic plugin, i think.  so, i took some more time to add support to the theme.  that’s the main reason i haven’t posted about the theme until now. […]

    Pingback from a laundry list of hand-wringing apologies » Dis Con Nec Ted on April 12, 2006

  84. […] I’m trying out the Worpress Widgets plugin on the old blog. It’s a very nice implementation. I hope in the near future all the presentation layer stuff in WordPress will be made so straightforward. […]

    Pingback from Zeroization » Blog Archive » Widgets on April 12, 2006

  85. […] WordPress announced a new “Widgets” feature – unfortunately, it doesn’t work on all WordPress themes (including Default, which this blog is set to. Eventually I’d like to modify the theme anyway so this may serve as inspiration. […]

    Pingback from Joe Gallagher blog » Blog Archive » on April 13, 2006

  86. […] I written a little widget for WordPress during my weekend. I call it Fresh Comments after I search in the thesaurus for the word ‘recent’. It wasn’t the best widget around of course, but you can try it out and play around with it if you have got a WordPress blog that supports widgets. You can download WordPress’ widget plugin. […]

    Pingback from //beconfused » Blog Archive » fresh//comments on April 14, 2006

  87. […] the sidebar was a bit difficult. by default the original k2 sidebar wasn’t too snazzy. however, with the official inclusion of the wordpress sidebar widgets plugin, arranging the way my sidebar appeared would be much easier. since i’ve decided on the minimalist approach, i didn’t want my sidebar too cluttered either. hence i’ll be modifying my sidebar to have the accordion effect with moo.fx. also just below the search box (which is a livesearch one from k2), i have the new content-slider from k2… isn’t it awesome? […]

    Pingback from UnlimitedInfinity » Blog Archive » revision 5! on April 15, 2006

  88. […] WordPress Widgets Plugin Un moyen simple et efficace d’agrémenter la sidebar de son blog sous wordpress, sans se mettre la tête dans le code. En cours de test sur les blogs de wordpress.com. (tags: Blog Plugin tools Widgets WordPress) […]

    Pingback from __Sakurazuka No Maboroshi__» Blog Archive » Linksluting 0016 on April 15, 2006

  89. […] I’m using Widgets Plugin. I had to change my layout’s theme because the previous one was incompatible with the said new plugin. […]

    Pingback from Door Light » Blog Archive » Widgie Boogie on April 16, 2006

  90. […] Then the WordPress development team comes along and introduces the brand new WordPress Widgets: slick chunks o’ code that make it easy to modify your WordPress-powered site’s sidebar from a simple drag-and-drop menu. Overnight there’s a new widget blog, a flurry of rejiggered themes, and the utterly grotesque new jargon “to widgetize.” […]

    Pingback from stewart ugelow - introducing theme widgets on April 17, 2006

  91. […] What is Widgets, from Automattic: ” “Widgets” is just a silly buzzword we’ve chosen for this sidebar-chopping plug-in we have developed. They could have been called Gadgets or Gizmos or Wizbangs or Whatevers. On the surface, they’re just things you can use to personalize your WordPress site without knowing HTML. ” […]

    Pingback from I am the reign » Widgets - what is it? on April 20, 2006

  92. […] 23 days ago Widgets are an easy way for you to arrange and rearrange your sidebar to your hearts content without touching a line of code. We first launched WordPress Widgets (WPW) it on WordPress.com a month ago and the response was great. Now we’re ready to release the plugin to the world. If adoption goes well, we’ll[…][more] […]

    Pingback from My Life » Arsip blog » Widgets Plugin on April 21, 2006

  93. […] Second, I’ve made both plaintxtBlog and veryplaintxt Widgets-friendly. What are Widgets? Widgets are the lovely little bits that the people at Automattic (sic) are threatening to become the next wave in innovation within WordPress theming. I obey. Widgets work with both of these themes—pretty well. […]

    Pingback from plaintxt.org » Two Old Themes New Again on April 23, 2006

  94. […] Widgets, widgets, widgets, widgets, widgets—the WordPress world is in love with them, and for good reason. Widgets make customizing WordPress even more accessible for mere mortals. A nice side benefit: they also make upgrading your theme much more painless. With the ExecPHP and default text widgets, you can make sidebar mods (such as advertising, etc.) without worrying about them getting overwritten after a theme upgrade. Great work. […]

    Pingback from Our Story » On the Radar on April 29, 2006

  95. […] I’ve found it hard to find many WordPress 2.0 themes. Although there are a lot of sites with cumbersome lists, the best resource by far is at emilyrobbins.com. This site is still in list form, but lets you know which designs are new, three column, tested in WordPress 2.0, or require WordPress 2.0. This site even tells you which themes work with WordPress’ new sidebar widget plugin. […]

    Pingback from blisslikethis.org » WordPress 2.0 Themes on May 2, 2006

  96. […] Widgets Plugin — 35 days ago […]

    Pingback from Arethz blog » on May 3, 2006

  97. […] Ihmetemppuja saa nykyään tehtyä näillä kaikilla upeilla härpäkkeillä. Löytyy pluginia ja teemaa ja widgettiä. Tänään tuli sit lisättyä AJAXia kovastikin käyttävä teema omaan valikoimaan, se on tosin saksankielinen, joten hetki menee, ennenkuin Jannepoika saa teemansa suomennettua tai edes osittain ymmärrettyä. Siihen asti pelataan tällä vanhalla, jonka tietysti vois kovempana koodarina säätää widget-yhteensopivaksi. Widgeteistä WordPressin sivuilta rutkasti tietoa ja esimerkkiä löytyy toki. Kovasti näppärä keksintö, oikeesti. Pystyy tuon vasemman (miulla siis) laidan valikon objekteja säätämään vedä ja pudota-periaatteella. Eli naurettavan helposti. Uusia härpäkkeitä kuten googlehaun tms. saa kätevästi napsuteltua päälle ja pois ja haluamaansa väliin. […]

    Pingback from isojii.com » Blog Archive » WordPressin taikaa. on May 9, 2006

  98. […] https://wordpress.org/development/2006/03/widgets-plugin/ […]

    Pingback from craigbellamy.net » Sidebar Widget for WordPress on May 16, 2006

  99. […] There’s seems to be more and more support for Widgets. So, I thought it would be good to have a widget for WPG2 image block. I’ve created a simple one that allows you to input the title of the block and also choose between single image or grid block. […]

    Pingback from WPG2 image block widget at Aylwin’s DevSite on May 23, 2006

  100. […] After recovering from a pretty bad morning yesterday, I did the thing that comes naturally to me, I started writing code! I decided to widgetize my sidebar on the blog here. Setting up for the widget plugin was pretty easy and in the process I discovered some nasty stuff that was going on when my site was viewed in IE (it was my fault…). Next I decided to take a shot at building my own widget. I had always wanted to display the local time and date for a few select places around the globe. So first I wrote some PHP code to do what I wanted and then I used the Google Search widget as a template to create a widget that used the time code I’d written. After a few hiccups, I came up with the widget you see in the sidebar below the calendar. The widget shows the time in Chicago, Hong Kong, and Osaka which is a sister city of Chicago. I’ll package the widget code a little later for download so that anyone can use it. It isn’t a realtime flash clock, just good ol’ PHP. And the three places displayed are configurable. […]

    Pingback from blueZhift Blog » Blog Archive » Hello Widgets! on May 24, 2006

  101. […] Un “quick-fix” para Unsleepable: soporte para Widgets (sí, por pedido popular): […]

    Pingback from Unsleepable en español + Widgets — yukei.net on May 31, 2006

  102. […] I recently changed my WordPress theme to the minimalist blog.txt design.  In addition to be very clean, it permits the use of WP Widgets Plugin. […]

    Pingback from Site Changes at The Politburo Diktat on June 6, 2006

  103. […] Finally my blog supports Widgets. I’d recommend this fine plugin to everyone who uses WordPress. Makes your life a lot easier, although I struggled a little with XHTML Validation. Anyhow. use it! […]

    Pingback from Olli’s Blog » Blog Archive » Widgets on June 9, 2006

  104. […] I am also finding Widgets very easy to use for designing one’s page. The side bars use widgets (and HTML). .right-widget, .left-widget { color: #fff; background-color: green; padding: 5px; width: 138px; margin-bottom: 5px; } This entry is filed under Life Things. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Leave a Reply […]

    Pingback from Twisted visions of an ink slinger » Building a Blog Site on June 14, 2006

  105. […] Here’s a wake-up call, guys: your awesome ________________ application probably isn’t the only thing I’m going to install. The killer feature that will make me choose your app over the other guy’s is not “widget support,” but some built-in comprehension that things like authentication, registration, and even user profiles/preferences may be housed in another application. […]

    Pingback from Stop Writing Loner Applications at Random Strings on June 14, 2006

  106. […] Well this time I actually created a test site before diving straight into it! What’s changed? Well I upgraded to WordPress 2.0.3 for one, bugfix and security release. I also did a cleanup in the plugins section, and installed the Widget Plugin to handle the sidebar things (BaoCMS was getting icky). Put up a few extra widgets, so now the RSS feeds should work again. Tweaked the ad layout a bit – going to do more of that, still looks like ass. […]

    Pingback from futt dot org » Blog Archive » Site Update on June 18, 2006

  107. […] Sistemi: Gruppo Gestione CSP Piattaforma applicativa: Word Press 2.0.3 con Widgets PHP+Linux+MySQL […]

    Pingback from SMART LAB - Social Media Applications Lab » Blog Archive » Credits on June 23, 2006

  108. […] If you’re a WordPress blogger then you can’t have missed the announcement (first on wordpress.com) and then at the WordPress Development Blog about the new Widget facility. If you don’t know what it is then click the development blog link and go learn! […]

    Pingback from Cornell Finch » » Widget Me Up Baby! on June 28, 2006

  109. […] The plugin includes a function that you can call to manually add the search block to you sidebar. It also includes a widget for convenience. […]

    Pingback from Aylwin’s DevSite » WPG2 search block on July 8, 2006

  110. WP – Der „Rahmen“ für ein Widget Plugin

    Ein Plugin unternahm den Versuch, dem Anwender von WordPress das erstellen seines Layouts zu vereinfachen.
    Kenntnisse in HTML, geschweige denn PHP sind dafür nicht notwendig. Mittlerweile hat sich das Plugin durchgesetzt und viele Anwender nutzen dies…

    Trackback from bueltge.de [by:ltge.de] on July 18, 2006

  111. […] I’m still working on this site. I decided on Cheryl’s direction to use Word Press widgets for my side bar. So far I’m loving it. I did have to change a few things, of course. But, the ease was incredible. […]

    Pingback from » New Things on August 2, 2006

  112. WordPress Widgets Defined: Do You Really Know What They Are?

    Widgets are an easy way for you to arrange and rearrange your sidebar to your hearts content without touching a line of code. If you see a “Sidebar Editor” menu item under the Presentation tab, that means your active theme has sidebar options. (It…

    Trackback from Blog The Internet on August 10, 2006

  113. […] Active – Nice shout box, but I need to get the Quick Tag Buttons off from it. Also available as a Widget. […]

    Pingback from All Blogged Up: A Moof’s Tale / Current Word Press Plugins on August 13, 2006

  114. […] Jag har snöat in en gnutta. Den open source commity som har wordpress som grund är fin som snus. Helt annan stämmning än de flesta större cmser jag bekantat mig med. En annan sak är att wordpress är fint från grunden. Koden är inte en sabla röra (så jag som novis fattar) och språket är inte alltför nördigt. Snart släpper jag min första Widget… […]

    Pingback from blog.ja.nu » Blog Archive » WordPress on August 27, 2006

  115. […] This morning I found this on the WP dev site: https://wordpress.org/development/2006/03/widgets-plugin/ Widgets are an easy way for you to arrange and rearrange your sidebar to your hearts content without touching a line of code. We first launched WordPress Widgets (WPW) it on WordPress.com a month ago and the response was great. Now we’re ready to release the plugin to the world. If adoption goes well, we’ll consider rolling it into the next version of WordPress. […]

    Pingback from UK freelance PHP developer and programmer. WordPress Widgets at Bealers.com, the personal website of Darren Beale on September 28, 2006

  116. […] Che dire, wordPress mi piace sempre di più. Dopo aver modificato il tema ho deciso di usare anche i widgets. Ho scelto questo tema ,abstrackt3 ,proprio perchè era già pronto per i widgets. […]

    Pingback from Wolly Weblog » Blog Archive » Blog altamente Widgettizzato on October 20, 2006

  117. […] I recently enabled Widgets in my WordPress installation. They are convenient and fun and keep your sidebar.php file nice and clean. The general idea of widgetizing the web so that pieces of code can be easily move from one application to another is excellent. However, the Simile(Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments) project, and the wordpress implementation of widgets still has a way to go. Here is one little suggestion that I hope helps. […]

    Pingback from WordPress Tip: Remove title from text widgets at Market Anomaly on October 26, 2006

  118. […] I’d though that maybe WordPress would be a good choice for the home page, because of the flexibility it offers to present a range of content easily using tools such as Sidebar Widgets. Pete, with his experience of Website Baker, reckons it can provide this functionality just as easily. […]

    Pingback from Updating Dunbar Grammar’s web site at David’s Exc-el Blog on November 10, 2006

  119. Melhores plugins que encontrei para o WordPress

    Tudo bem que este é um blog sobre java, mas gostei tanto do tal de wordpress que ele merece este post …
    Para os que também estão utilizando o WordPress, seguem os plugins que estou usando aqui, achei eles bem interessantes e vale o link para v…

    Trackback from Urubatan`s Weblog on November 27, 2006

  120. […] WordPress Widgets En Marzo desde el blog de desarrollo de WordPress anunciarón el lanzamiento de WordPress Widgets (WPW), estos widgets nos permiten personalizar el sidebar usando la técnica de drag & drop (arrastrar y soltar) y un poco de AJAX, es una potente herramienta para de forma cómoda y sencilla sin necesidad de conocimientos de programación un blogger pueda hacer cambios con varios clicks en su blog. […]

    Pingback from Diario a Borbo · WordPress Widget on December 6, 2006

  121. […] has built-in capability for RSS via RSS Widget through Widget-capable themes such as Cutline, Kubrick, Silver Lexus, Anaconda, etc (you can find widget-capable themes […]

    Pingback from How to Generate Compelling Content (IV - Republishing) » Continuous Learning on February 6, 2007

  122. […] Ein praktisches Widget der WP.Community […]

    Pingback from gatekeepers at work » Blog Archiv » Kleine WordPress-Helferlein on February 11, 2007

  123. […] Deutschland Blog » WordPress Widgets Seit kurzem gibt es für WordPress sogenannte Widgets. Widgets bilden eine Schnittstelle zwischen Plugins und […]

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  124. […] Deutschland Blog » WordPress Widgets Seit kurzem gibt es für WordPress sogenannte Widgets. Widgets bilden eine Schnittstelle zwischen Plugins und […]

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  125. […] Deutschland Blog » WordPress Widgets Seit kurzem gibt es für WordPress sogenannte Widgets. Widgets bilden eine Schnittstelle zwischen Plugins und […]

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  126. […] Deutschland Blog » WordPress Widgets Seit kurzem gibt es für WordPress sogenannte Widgets. Widgets bilden eine Schnittstelle zwischen Plugins und […]

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  127. […] to install the “Widgets Plugin” on an unsupported theme is obviously not ideal. It is proving to be quite a pain. I must not […]

    Pingback from Josh Betz » Sidebar Widgets Plugin on May 25, 2008

  128. […] Juni 2, 2008 Gespeichert unter: Nicht kategorisiert — o0mord0o0hase0o @ 6:47 Seit kurzem gibt es für WordPress sogenannte Widgets. Widgets bilden eine Schnittstelle zwischen Plugins und […]

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  129. […] to designing a picture for the header, we’ll see. Was very excited when I managed to install sidebar widgets this morning – felt so clever doing that so as to avoid any cleverness being required in the […]

    Pingback from by other means » Blog Archive » oh no, I’ve got to think of titles now? first post on this blog… on June 5, 2008

  130. […] được người dùng Intermediate User thì Yobanbe nên phát triển một widget dạng như sidebar widget của WordPress, cho phép người dùng tùy biến thay đổi giao diện blog của mình. […]

    Pingback from Mạng xã hội việt nam: tiềm năng và định hướng « Thuvangvn’s Weblog on June 11, 2008

  131. […] widgets have been around since late March, 2006, but they didn’t become the standard presentation methodology for WordPress plug-ins until […]

    Pingback from dougv.com | The Web home of Doug Vanderweide » Fixing Various Issues With The Sociable Plug-In For WordPress on August 26, 2008

  132. […] More about WordPress widgets […]

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  133. […] WordPress Development Blog Annoucement […]

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