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Posted January 19, 2006 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Development.

Behind the scenes of WordPress there are dozens of people spending hundreds of hours a week keeping the WordPress community humming. There are many ways to contribute to WordPress but following the 2.0 release a lot more emphasis has been placed on the development and testing side.

We recently decided to split WordPress up into logical divisions and allow people to volunteer to help out with particular sections, be it as an organizer, a tester, or a coder. You can view the various sections and sign up to help with one on the Codex. In a week we’ll begin contacting the various rockstars who volunteer to coordinate and organize everybody.

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  1. […] Matt Mullenweg, has made an anouncment on WordPress.Org asking for helpers for testing and development of wordpress. […]

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  4. […] Matt’s put out a request for folks to sign up to help develop and test WordPress in particular areas. I need to look at where I can contribute, seeing as I’ve been arguing for this kind of thing. […]

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  6. WordPress開発ã?®æ‰‹åŠ©ã?‘

    WordPress Development Blog › Help Out Development(1月19日)


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  8. […] Volunteered in response to Matt’s request for WordPress Developmen contributors. (Always wanted to meet ‘rockstars’ ;- ), fact is, I have fallen in love with the WordPress thing. […]

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  9. […] Matt (Is there anything he doesn’t do around here? ) has put out a request for assistance in developing and testing portions of the WordPress package. This is in addition to the previous list of ways people can help. You can view the various sections where help is needed and offer your services. Volunteers will be contacted in about a week. […]

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  10. […] I volunteered for WordPress Development, for In-line Documentation and Editing, and Codex and Documentation. So hopefully I can also help with that community aswell. Click here to learn how to help! Anyway, […]

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  12. […] Just because I’m a whore to WordPress, I’ll mention this to you masses (or, rather, you two). For those of you who don’t regularly check their Dashboards (assuming you use WordPress), Matt’s looking for outstanding young (or maybe not so young) men and women to help with the development of WordPress. So, you should go on over to the Codex page regarding Responsibilities and sign up under an area you can help out with. “Why?” you ask? Because you’ll be helping out, and that’ll give you warm fuzzies… (plus, you get to be a “rockstar.”) Leave a Reply… […]

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  13. […] Schwer zu glauben, aber WordPress wird in diesen Tagen 3 Jahre alt. Es freut mich mit anzusehen, was aus diesem Projekt geworden ist. Als Blogsoftware, durch die auch dieser Blog angetrieben wird, steht es großen (und auch kommerziellen) Kollegen wie z.B. Movable Type inzwischen kaum noch nach und ist in manchen Belangen, meines Erachtens nach, gar um eine Nasenlänge voraus. Den Geburtstag nehmen die Entwickler zum Anlass die Community einzuladen mitzuhelfen und zwar nicht nur bei der Fehlersuche. Jeder kann nunmehr seinen Beitrag leisten, um WordPress noch besser zu machen. Happy Birthday. [via Jörg] […]

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  14. […]     Matt zaproponował chętnym współpracę przy tworzeniu i rozwijaniu WordPress’a. Wszyscy chętni mogą zgłaszać się poprzez edycję wpisu w codexie. […]

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  15. […] I just put my name down for something I might well regret (no prestige to speak of either). Here: WordPress Development Blog %u203A Help Out Development, I’ve gone under the feed stuff. I don’t know what happened to WP in this respect, it did seem pretty much feature-aligned with state of the art when I switched from MT. But they still don’t appear to have Atom (1.0 – there is no other), or a clue about RSS/RDF. […]

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  16. […] PhotoMatt, the founder of WordPress, has made a call to all WordPress’ers who want to help donate time and invest into the future of WordPress. Please take a moment go head over to the development blog article and read up about what he is requesting. He just needs some honest, hard-working, and dedicated people to help him with the backend of the community. Trackback […]

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  17. […] Go here to sign up […]

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  18. […] There are many free blog hosting service out there. (Anyone made a list?) Most of them are sustained by ads. A few by sheer financial might. A handful by passion. […]

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  19. […] Photo Matt, a WordPress alapítója egy kérést intézett a megszállot bloggerek felé, hogy segítsék a WordPress további fejlesztését. A projektet több kisebb-nagyobb szekcióra osztották fel, hogy a vállalkozó szelleműek könnyebben választhassanak az érdeklődési körüknek/tudásuknak megfelelő munkákat. A bejelentés itt található, az egyes szekciókba jelentkezni a codexben, illetve máshogy segíteni a már ismert módokon lehet. […]

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  20. New look unveiled

    Here we go. Yet another blog makes its messy birth (yet with pleasing curves and soothing colours). Yeesh, another blog in the world, when there are apparently hundreds being created every hour or something like that.
    Actually, this is slightly differe…

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  22. Colabora con WordPress

    Matt Mullenweg y su equipo WordPress Team buscan mejorar la contribución de los voluntarios para el desarrollo de WordPress debido al crecimiento de la comunidad tras la liberación de la version 2.0 donde han sido muchas las personas que han colabora…

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  24. build WordPress

    Do you use WordPress? Do you like? Damn right you do, because it rocks! Now that we’ve got that straight, why don’t you go help build it, too? 🙂
    WordPress.org – Help Out Development:

    We recently decided to split WordPress up into log…

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  26. […] Development Blog Help Out DevelopmentWe recently decided to split WordPress up into logical divisions and allow people to volunteer to help out with particular sections, be it as an organizer, a tester, or a coder. You can view the July 11, 2006 | In Out | […]

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