Weekly Roundup

At the last WordPress IRC meetup there was a consensus that this development blog isn’t used enough for spreading general news and information about WP, and one of the ways we’ve decided to address that is with weekly roundup posts summarizing some activity and highlighting some of the amazing resources in the Codex. The posts will be written by the community itself using the Codex, and posted every Thursday. We’ve got two bits to kick it off:

Upgrading WordPress

With this week’s announcement of a new security release for WordPress,, consider upgrading your WordPress site. You will find information and details on upgrading WordPress on the WordPress Codex at Upgrading WordPress.

If you are considering the bigger upgrade from a previous older version, like from WordPress v1.2 to the latest version, we have a step-by-step guide that will take you through the upgrade of your site and into the new WordPress Themes at Upgrading 1.2 to the Newest Version.

Volunteers Sought for Fundraising and Publicity for WordPress Activities

Exciting and fun events are coming up in the near future on the WordPress Forum and Codex and we are seeking volunteers to help with the publicity and promotion of these events and future fundraising campaigns. If you are interested in participating, visit the Fundraising and Promotions page on the WordPress Codex and sign up.

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