WordPress Available

Posted June 29, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Releases.

We would like to announce that WordPress is now released as we continue the availablity of a highly stable and extremely popular branch based on the 1.5 Strayhorn codebase. Development has moved on to some exciting new features for the next major release, but an important security issue was brought to our attention which required an update for our users. The problem is not yet public but you should update your blog as soon as possible to If you are unable to do upgrade in the short-term you may protect yourself by deleting the xmlrpc.php file from your WordPress directory.

Browsing Happy with WordPress

Posted June 1, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Meta.

You can get the full details from the Web Standards Project press release, but to make a long story short WordPress.org will be taking Browse Happy under its wing by continuing hosting the site and keeping it current with the latest trends and information.

Browse Happy is a site dedicated to educating people about browser alternatives that will give them a better online experience. We’ve promoted Firefox for a long time within our administration interface, this will allow us to expand our promotion to cover other excellent browsers as well. If you have any ideas for the site or would like to share your story, please let us know through the Browse Happy contact and submission form.

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