ArsTechnica : Web Application of the Year

We hope the new year brings cheer and good news to your life. For the WordPress family, the year starts on a positive note. ArsTechnica names WordPress the Web Application of the Year!

The blurb reads:

Let’s face it. Blogs are in fashion, and why not? Vanity knows no bounds, and there are some people who actually do something productive with theirs. From the influence of blogs on the coverage of the US presidential elections to every random teenager who has problems with their partner/parent/teacher/cat, blogs are out there allowing your most intimate feelings to be shared with random people at wifi hotspots. WordPress is the most prominent rising star of weblog software, completely free and with a large and active community. Styles, plugins and hacks are readily available, with problems such as comment spamming being addressed far more rapidly than competing applications.

Congratulations to the WordPress family!

2004 was defintely the year of the “switcher” for WordPress. May 2005 bring a lot of first-time bloggers to the community. With each succeeding version, WordPress is becoming more user-friendly, less complicated, and more useful.

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