WordPress 2

Posted December 31, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Releases.

The WordPress community is very proud to present the next generation of WordPress to the world, our 2.0 “Duke” release, named in honor of jazz pianist and composer Duke Ellington. We’ve been working long and hard to bring you this release, and I hope you enjoy using it as much as we’e enjoyed working on it. In this release we’ve focused a tremendous amount on what we believe to be the core of blogging — the writing interface. Before you upgrade from an earlier version, remember that this is a major release and thousands of lines of code have changed. Before upgrading it’s always good, just in case, to make a backup of your database and WordPress files. It only takes a few minutes and gives you a total safety net if for whatever reason things don’t work. It is also probably a good idea to turn off your plugins, and activate them one-by-one after you’ve upgraded. Without further ado, you can download WordPress 2 right now. Read on for more information about what we think you’ll love about Duke.

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WordPress on Yahoo

Posted December 20, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Hosting.

As many of you know, we’re constantly tweaking and updating our web hosting page based on feedback we get from you. Well today we’re very excited to announce we’re adding a new host to the page with a familiar name – Yahoo! We’ve been working with the Yahoo Small Business team to create a solution that gives professional bloggers exactly what they want from their hosting providers.

When we started, Yahoo asked “What would the perfect blog host do?” and their team has been really amazing in executing on a really kick-ass platform for serious bloggers. It took a little while, but slow cooking makes good eating. (Like WordPress 2.0!)

We think the hosting is good for all the baseline features you should expect — tons of storage, bandwidth, Yahoo reliability, etc. (You probably heard all about that in their Movable Type announcement last week.) However we think they’re worth featuring because of three key things:

Guy Yalif from Yahoo says, “We believe that by adding WordPress’ blogging application to our leading web hosting product, we are providing a top notch, scalable, and reliable solution for less than $12 per month.”

We think the above makes a very compelling case for WordPress users to check out Yahoo hosting, and see what we believe is the best WordPress hosting experience on the Web. As always, if you have any feedback on Yahoo or any other host we feature, please let us know.

2.0 Release Candidate

Posted by Ryan Boren. Filed under Development, Releases.

The next release of WordPress is drawing near. Please help us shake out any last remaining bugs by downloading and testing the 2.0 Release Candidate. If all goes well, the Release Candidate will become 2.0 final. We’re almost there. Download, test, and head over to the Beta Forum to let us know if the Release Candidate is ready for prime time. Downloads taken down. Go get the real thing!

Don't Panic! WordPress Is Secure

Posted November 8, 2005 by Dougal Campbell. Filed under Security.

There is news of a worm which uses a vulnerability in the PHPXMLRPC libraries to spread a computer virus. Some articles are pointing to out-of-date information claiming that WordPress 1.5 is vulnerable. That is incorrect. WordPress 1.5 or higher is safe. Since the release of version 1.5, WordPress has used a completely different XML-RPC library, called IXR.

Older WP versions (1.2.x and earlier) are vulnerable, however. If for some reason you are still running a pre-1.5 version of WordPress, you should upgrade immediately to the latest version, WordPress 1.5.2 “Strayhorn”. If upgrading poses a problem for some reason, and if you don’t need pingbacks or blog client API functionality, simply delete the class-xmlrpc.php and class-xmlrpcs.php files from your installation’s wp-includes directory (but you really should upgrade).

Also if you ever come across something you feel might be a security problem in WordPress, please send a note to the special address we’ve set up for security purposes and we will address it as quickly as possible.

Bug Hunt

Posted November 3, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Events.

You are invited to the WordPress Bug Hunt on Saturday, November 5th, 2005!

Whether you’re a die-hard WordPress hacker or just looking to gain some familiarity with WordPress internals, we need your help! Join us in #wordpress-bugs on irc.freenode.net as we triage and eliminate as many bugs as possible. Work with us to confirm bugs, submit and test patches, and generally geek out.

All you need to bring is a text editor, and an installation of WordPress 1.6-ALPHA! We’ll provide the snacks, and manage the schedule.

We’ll start as soon as you arrive, so please be prompt!

See WordPress Bug Hunts on the Codex for additional information. This looks to be a recurring effort, so if you can’t attend this one, stay tuned for future Bug Hunts! We’ll also be working on Sunday, though the main thrust of the event is Saturday.

The Blogging Enterprise Conference

Posted November 1, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Events.

If any of you are in or near Austin, TX this Wednesday you should definitely check out the one-day Blogging Enterprise conference on November 2nd at the University of Texas. It looks like it’s going to be a great program, and I’ll be speaking on “Sorting Out RSS Software, Tools, and Technology” at 11:15 AM. Of course the best reason to go is they use WordPress to power their entire site. I’m looking forward to the conference and spending some time in Texas again.

Update: Shel Isreal blogged the panel and also has been blogging the rest of the conference. 

Webzine 2005

Posted September 23, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Events.

Myself and a few other WordPress folks will be spending the weekend at Webzine 2005 here in San Francisco. It has shaped up to be a really amazing conference that embraces the indy roots of what we do and I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now. Best of all, it’s affordable! Tickets are only $22 for both days. If you’re a WP user and attending be sure to say hi during the conference. I’ll be participating in two panels, “Making Media with Open Source” Tools and “Blog Wares Dance Off.”

WordPress 1.5.2

Posted August 14, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Releases.

We’re happy to announce that a new version of WordPress is now available for download. This set of improvements and security fixes is in line with our commitment to maintaining an extremely stable 1.5 series. In addition to fixing a number of bugs and adding requested enhancements for plugin authors, this release also addresses all of the security issues that have been circulating the past few days. This is a very straight-forward upgrade, you just need to upload the new files over the old, but as always the Codex is the best resource on upgrading.

P.S. If you upgraded late Sunday night double-check that you have the latest version of wp-settings.php on your blog.

Blogging Business Summit

Posted July 25, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Events.

What do Boeing, Microsoft, and WordPress have in common? Not much, except we’re all sponsors of the Blog Business Summit taking place August 17–19 in San Francisco. (Hope you weren’t expecting a better punchline.) That’s nice and all, but what does that mean? It means that you get $300 off registration just for being a WordPress user and using this link. If you’re interested in business blogging this is the premier event I know of, and thanks to our partnership you can register cheaper through us than anywhere else. Finally, if you ping or trackback this entry and blog about the summit they’ll take an additional $100 off.

Register for Blog Business Summit with WordPress discount »

We’ll also try to put together a WordPress meetup one of the nights people will be in town.

San Francisco Geek Dinner

Posted July 22, 2005 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Events.

It appears that the inimitable Ryan Boren is going to be in Northern California this week so it seemed like a perfect opportunity for a WordPress meetup and geek dinner. Although Ryan is the other main developer of WordPress and we’ve worked together for a long while now, we’ve never actually met in person so this promises to be a momentous occasion. We’re going to start with dinner at Chaat Cafe at 6 PM this Saturday (July 23) and see where it goes from there. Here are the details:

Chaat Cafe
320 Third Street, San Francisco 94105
Saturday July 23rd, 6 PM

This is the same place Scoble’s geek dinner was and one of the early WordPress meetups, so it’s a fun location. Come by, bring a friend, and all your WordPress feature requests and stories. The tag for the event will be .

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