Firefox 1.0 Gold

Posted November 9, 2004 by Dougal Campbell. Filed under Meta.

And in other news… Firefox 1.0 is now gold. The Mozilla sites are swamped right now, so I’ve currently got a torrent of the US English version for Windows going. Download some fresh, hot browser goodness, and don’t forget to spread the word.

If you don’t already have a BitTorrent client, try BitTornado.

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  1. Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Released

    The day has come. Download your copy today.

    Want to see something cool? Looks like Google and the Mozilla Foundation are cooperating on something.

    Update: Turns out if you have a / after firefox in the URL, Google chokes on it. Link fixed above.

    Trackback from Chris Gonyea -- Blog on November 9, 2004

  2. Firefox 1.0 released

    Time to upgrade. I’m currently still using Firefox 0.9.3, and it’s proven as an excellent alternative to, nay, replacement for IE. If only more sites (umm, including my own) were designed properly for cross-browser compatibility.

    Trackback from marcus' scrappad on November 13, 2004

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