WordPress Meetup!

To clarify, there are meetups happening all over the country, not just in San Francisco. Go to the site and enter your zip code to see one near you.

As you may have heard, you can now meet up with people in your area also cool enough to use WordPress, an activity that is being coordinated at wordpress.meetup.com. Be a part of history as the very first WordPress meetup ever is not this Saturday but the one after that, the 26th. Saturday, June 26 @ 4:00PM, mark your calendars!

As fate would have it I will be in the San Francisco Bay area and I’ve signed up for that city for this meetup. (I voted for the Borders.) I’ll be happy to talk about super-secret future WordPress plans, Pingomatic, GMPG, anything you guys want, but more importantly I’d love to meet SF WordPress users and hear what you have to say. I’ve opened up comments on this post, so leave one if you’re in the area and coming to the meeting and I’ll add your link to this post.

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