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Posted June 10, 2004 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Development, Meta.

I’ve set up bug tracking software at https://mosquito.wordpress.org/ and already people have begun to sign up. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to get the bug tracker up to WordPress standards, but the process has begun.

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  1. […] 2004

    Bug Tracker für WordPress
    Wordpress — Sebbi @ 13:35

    Endlich endlich endlich. Unter https://mosquito.wordpress.org/ gibt es jetzt einen […]

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  2. […] less ranting (not implying I had anything to do with this nice developement) WordPress now has got a bugtracker. This sure is nice, and they even used Mantis, my most liked […]

    Pingback from Straight from the Abyss » WordPress finally gets a Tracker on June 15, 2004

  3. WordPress Mosquito
    WordPress has new install of Mantis to track patches and bugs. So if you’ve got a patch or bug report check out the WordPress Mosquito (bug tracker) site. I’ll start directing my patches there.

    Trackback from Joseph Scott's Blog on June 12, 2004

  4. Grab Your FlySwatter
    In the tradition of all good open source projects, the WordPress team has opened up the new WordPress Mosquito bug tracker. So now you too can grab your collective flyswatter, head out, and squish the evil buggies that might be lurking unnoticed in Wo…

    Trackback from Zen, and the Art of Blogging on June 12, 2004

  5. WordPress Bugtracker ahoi!
    Schon lange überfällig, gibt es nun einen BugTracker (Mantis) für WordPress! Alle die WordPress nutzen, sind herzlich eingeladen einen BugTracker Account zu eröffnen und gefundene Bugs, Bedienschwächen oder Feature Anfragen in den BugTacker einzug…

    Trackback from ihad´s devblog on June 14, 2004

  6. WordPress has a bug tracking service

    Trackback from Liber Iioshii on June 14, 2004

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