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Posted June 15, 2004 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Development.

In the past month or two it has become apparent that there is a whole in the discussion fora for WordPress. For new users and troubleshooting we have the easy-to-use support forums, now tens of thousands of posts strong. For the documentation team we have a forum, and mailing list, and the wiki. For general chat we have the IRC channel. But for discussion of core WordPress development, the plugin API, and building applications on top of WordPress, there really isn’t a place yet.

No longer. I’ve set up a new mailing list specifically for advanced WordPress development discussion, wp-hackers. It is a public, open list for WordPress development. Come on in and feel free to lurk or participate.

I’d like to start some serious discussion on the plugin API in 1.3, so if you’re a plugin developer or other interested party please sign up.

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  1. […] d: a) glaube ich nicht, dass ich es in ein PlugIn bekomme, b) wird sich die PlugIn-Technik in 1.3. ändern (?) und c) kapiere ich nicht, warum man das im DevTeam nicht integri […]

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  2. […] djustments, and I don’t find the application code to be that friendly, so I joined a WordPress Plugins Mailing list on their site. At least I guess the peopl […]

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  3. WordPress Hackers List
    Matt has just announced a new WordPress hackers email list. I’ve already subscribed and am looking forward to some nitty gritty WordPress discussion.

    Trackback from Joseph Scott on June 16, 2004

  4. […] Now the WordPress Hackers mailing list is having a protracted debate over the tabs. vs. spaces issue (apparently the first time it’s come up in three years). Jeremy Zawodny has a famous piece in favor of spaces. Lots of good arguments go the other way. I know where I stand. You? Tabs or Spaces? […]

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