So When is it Coming Out?

Posted May 12, 2004 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Development.

If you’ve been following WordPress development, you know that this 1.2 release is our most ambitious to date. In my eyes it is as significant as our 1.0 release was. There has been more development, and more testing than any previous WordPress release. Also, most exciting to me, is more people contributed to this release than ever before. This has been a community endeavor, and the community has already begun to embrace it.

Like most of you, I want it to be out yesterday. I’m very excited about all the new features and the refinement that has gone into this release and I want to share it with the world. However I’ll try to curb my enthusiasm for a minute to give a pragmatic view of when 1.2 will be released. (Short answer: next week.)

What has been a pleasant surprise is that despite each of the major developers being pulled away at some point due to moving, new jobs, life in general, development has moved along at pretty much pace you could expect for a release with this much new functionality. The latest unstable release (1.2-delta) has tested very well across platforms. There are a few known issues and I have a few patches sitting in my inbox. I hope to review all these tomorrow evening and then put out a release candidate Friday. I’m going to be gone for the weekend but when I’m back I’ll review any issues and any further testing can be done off the nightly builds. So, Murphy-willing, the final release of 1.2 will be in the middle of next week.

Now the hard part is picking what jazz musician to name the release after. I’m thinking Bird.

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