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Posted April 4, 2004 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Switchers.

I do my very best to visit every new WordPress blog, and it’s espescially exciting to see and read about people coming to WP from other systems. The other day I highlighted a few notable WP-powered blogs on my own blog. To complement our Testimonials section, I’ve started a new category here on the blog just for highlighting switchers. Here are three to get us started:

Memoirs of a Geek

Plus, because of the archiving style built-into MovableType the site was swelling up in size with web files all over the place. I’m not a fan of statically created pages at all. I think it leads to bloating and to make changes, you have to rebuild every single one of them pages. So, I have been looking for another blogging tool to run this site off of. I looked at all of the major players other than MT and found WordPress to be the best out of all of them. I checked it out and even created a test install with some of my existing entries. I thought MT was easy to install and setup. MAN was I wrong! This stuff set up in very few steps and importing my entries was a cinch. This default template is rather snazzy and XHTML compliant right out of the box which I never got on a fresh install with MT.

Cold Fury

Man, this thing flies – for posting, anyway. Friggin’ turbocharged blogware – I love it.


Not only can you edit and delete without worry, you can actually edit your posts right from your own page. You don’t login to a control panel like MT in order to make an edit, you can click the continuously helpful Edit This under each post title. I can get right in, make the change and republish the post in seconds – with minimal effort.

If you have switched from another system to WordPress and blogged about it be sure to send me a note.

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