WordPress updates

We realize that this development blog has been rather quiet lately, but the team has been working hard behind the scenes. As has been mentioned in the support forums, there came a point where we had pretty much gone beyond all of the version 1.1 milestones, so the next official release will be version 1.2. We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from the brave souls who like to play with the nightly releases, and the code is stabilizing as we shift from new features to bug fixes again.

Matt is hoping that we can release 1.2 Real Soon Now, so stay tuned…

P.S. I recently checked in a ton of bugfixes for the XML-RPC support. If you have had trouble getting a blog client (NewzCrawler, ecto, blogtk, NetNewsWire, etc) working with WordPress before, you should have better luck with the current nightly, or with the new release when it comes out.

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