1.0.1 "Miles" Release Available

Posted January 25, 2004 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Releases.

The latest WordPress 1.0.1 is now available. This is the fastest, most stable, and most secure WordPress ever.

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  1. WordPress 1.0.1 Released
    Go grab a copy – it has a ton of great fixes and enhancements.

    I highly recommend upgrading to this version.

    Trackback from alexking.org: Blog on January 25, 2004

  2. WordPress 1.0.1 released
    “The latest WordPress 1.0.1 is now available. This is the fastest, most stable, and most secure WordPress ever.” — Quoted from WordPress Dev Blog…

    Trackback from Warnadunia.NET: Colorful on January 25, 2004

  3. WordPress 1.0.1 freigegeben
    Wordpress ist in meinen Augen eines der derzeit am attraktivesten Blogwerke. Die neue Version 1.0.1 macht aus einer gelungenen Version 1.0 eine richtig stabile. Das update dieses blogs folgt stante pede.

    Trackback from neubau on January 25, 2004

  4. WordPress v1.0.1
    I’m happy to say that I’m running WordPress v1.0.1. It’s got bugfixes that people found in the 1.0 release. I’ve been running a nightly for the last few weeks, thanks to the suggestion of Alex King. If you’ve been squeamish about goin…

    Trackback from The Indiana Jones School of Management on January 25, 2004

  5. WordPress 1.0.1 Miles released
    It looks like tonight I might be updating the news script again. WordPress 1.0.1 “Miles” has been released. Time to move on from the release candidate and on to the final version. The update a few days ago required a rebuilding of the index page….

    Trackback from Welcome to zorlac.ca - zorlac's Homepage! on January 25, 2004

  6. WordPress 1.0.1
    Вроде бы удачно проапргрейдилÑÑ Ð½Ð° WordPress верÑии 1.0.1
    Как обычно никакого ChangeLog. Ðо вÑе говорÑÑ‚ много багов пофикшено. Ðк — поÑмотрим…

    Trackback from aim's place on January 26, 2004

  7. A [url=http://www.wordpress.org]WordPress[/url] milestone release! Woohoo!! 🙂 I’ll be updating my site tomorrow since I’m always free on Tuesday noons. Right now, I’m going to bury my head on my extra comfy pillow *ZZzz*

    Trackback from akmal's world on January 26, 2004

  8. wordpress 1.0.1 released
    Since this blog is running wordpress, it’s just fair to mention it: Version 1.0.1 has now been released. According to the development team, “This is the fastest, most stable, and most secure WordPress ever.”. Feel free to test it.

    Trackback from phpMyFAQ devBlog on January 26, 2004

  9. WordPress 1.0.1
    I meant to post this earlier, but got busy and forgot. Yesterday, we released WordPress 1.0.1. This latest release contains some bugfixes, and is the most stable version of WordPress to date. We will now begin work on new features for version 1.1. Stay…

    Trackback from geek ramblings on January 26, 2004

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, WordPress!
    It’s funny how things get started sometimes, but WordPress is now a few days past it’s first birthday.

    From humble beginnings to 1.0.1 in exactly a year. Congratulations to the dev team. 😀

    Trackback from The Indiana Jones School of Management on January 28, 2004

  11. WordPress 1.01
    mal wieder WordPress aktualisiert. Jetzt mach ich das ganze wenigstens nich mehr so umständlich 😀

    Trackback from d0r0.de/blog: doros tagebuch #4 on January 31, 2004

  12. feeling green?
    Updated to Wp 1.0.1, some issues with Wp 1.0 is corrected but nothing major other than everything is working. Removed my stickers, think that I’ll stay with text for a while. Changed stylesheet (again), now I don’t tink that I will bother any more.

    Trackback from hesthamar.com on February 4, 2004

  13. Blog Upgraded
    Upgraded to WordPress 1.0.1

    Trackback from Ajay's Blog on February 6, 2004

  14. Upgraded WordPress to 1.0.1 “Miles”
    Upgraded to WordPress 1.0.1 “Miles” release this evening. Modified the index.php file first so it conforms to my tablelized version. Copied the files to the server, overlaying the existing wordpress directory. Ran the upgrade script. Got multiple…

    Trackback from The Ten Thousand Year Blog (June 02003-) on February 15, 2004

  15. Title

    Trackback from BlogName on June 30, 2004

  16. […] 1.0.1 “Miles” […]

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  17. […] I do specifically recall upgrading my WordPress install to Mingus (released 5/22/2004), I think my first version was Miles (1/25/2004) and that was what inspired me to move away from Blogger. I was excited about the […]

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