The Great Renaming!

Posted December 12, 2003 by Alex King. Filed under Development.

Matt is too busy to blog about it, but he has just finished converting all the ‘b2’ filenames to ‘wp-‘. This is something I’ve been pushing for and I’m thrilled he’s done it. I think it is a huge step forward for WordPress.

Some of the benefits:

  • Filnames will be more stable going forward. This should encourage people to write hacks and add-ons knowing that the filenames are less likely to be changing in the next release.
  • It helps defeat the view that WordPress is “just b2 with some added hacks”.

There has been a ton of great development on WordPress but I’ve heard from people that they don’t feel it is stable or “ready” and one reason they give me is the mis-mash of filenames.

There are some drawbacks:

  • This is going to break most current hacks.
  • All the current “edit file ‘xyz'” documentation is now obsolete and needs to be updated.

The thing is, the renaming had to happen sooner or later, so doing it now and getting it over with makes sense. As WordPress matures, it is going to have more and more users… it’s better to just get it over with. 🙂

Great job Matt!

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  1. The Great RenamingI’ve just posted this on the WordPress dev-blog… Matt has renamed all the ‘b2’ files to ‘wp-‘! The .80 upgrade may be a little painful (hacks are gonna break), but this was a great step and I’m thrilled he did it!

    Trackback from alexking.org: Blog on December 12, 2003

  2. WP updateI have been bloing with B2 and now WordPress for the past year and half and I’m pleased that WP finnally has all the files named correctly. I do not keep the latest and greatest here but I do have it on my staging server. This is the most streamline…

    Trackback from Ian's Brain on December 12, 2003

  3. WordPress DevelopmentI just have to say that I’m very excited about the development of WP.

    For one, the developers have renamed everything, which I think is key. They’ve also massively reorganized things in the renaming—you’ll have very few files in you…

    Trackback from The Indiana Jones School of Management on December 18, 2003

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