0.72 Release Candidate 1

Posted October 4, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Development, Releases.

It’s available in the usual place, we need quick feedback on this.

This release adds several new features and fixes an important security vulnerability. Unless any major bugs are found, this release will be identical to the final 0.72 release.

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  1. How important is it to fix the security vulnerability? Can I wait until the final version comes out before I upgrade?

    Comment from Yvonne on October 4, 2003

  2. I get big sql errors when attempting the 71-72 upgrade script. I’ll post details in the beta forum.

    Comment from Hal on October 4, 2003

  3. is there a list of changes and new features?

    Comment from blogkc on October 6, 2003

  4. Upgraded from B2 to wordpress with this release candidate. I found it easier to just import my posts and comments into the wordpress database rather than use (what appear to be) upgrade scripts that come with the release.

    Comment from J. S. Townsley on October 7, 2003

  5. Whatever works for you.

    Comment from Matt on October 7, 2003

  6. I have to agree with J.S. I tried to use the 071 to 072 upgrade script and it made it a good bit of the way through before it barfed on something. I say something because I really had no clue what the error messages were telling me. Thankfully, I had made a backup of the database and was able to being it in manually.

    On the positive side, the look and configurability of this new revision is very nice. You timed the RC just right for me as I was all set to go bleeding edge with it.


    Comment from Rick on October 7, 2003

  7. Seeing as the gold is out, shouldn’t there be an update on that?

    Comment from Michael on October 10, 2003

  8. I’m having a problem that was not present in wordpress .71

    I have a problem with comments on my blog . they are in italian and they use characters with accents like àèìòù.

    well, if I add a comment from the public area of the blog, those chars get encoded not the right way which is & egrave ; and so on, but they get encoded as error chars like if they were encoded from another charset into ASCII. But, if I add a comment from within the admin area, they get encoded correctly.

    Comment from simone cortesi on October 19, 2003

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