The Near Release

There was a good bit of progress today, as Michel, Dougal, and I hammered out some bugs on IRC (#wordpress on freenode. Dougal caught a bug in the upgrade script, I tweaked some links code to make it more consistent with the date handling elseware in the application, and I worked on the style a bit. There was a table used in part of the administration interface that is now gone, replace by floating divs. (So you can blog underwater.) This has the added bonus of being extra friendly to lower resolutions and non-CSS capable user agents. Tweaking to the admin CSS will continue, but I’d really love to see some submissions from the community as well.

Most exciting, Alex checked in his cursor-aware quicktag code today. It’s sweet! Imagine being able to double-click a word anywhere, press alt+b and have it surrounded by <strong> tags. I spent quite a bit of time with his code, optimizing the buttons, the markup and CSS, adding access keys, and generally polishing. This is a great new feature and Alex deserves some applause for it. Did I mention it was cross-browser?

Anyway, all of this was with the intention of getting a beta out today. However, I’d like to stamp out this one last bug in convert_char before the first beta. I know it’s been too long since the last release and we’re working to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Comments welcome. 🙂

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