WordPress 0.71 Now Available

We’re very proud to announce the immediate availability of the 0.71 release of WordPress. Don’t let the small version bump fool you, this release is packed with new features. Without further ado:

  • 300% speedup — We’re not kidding, this release will perform about three times (or more) faster than previous releases of WordPress and b2.
  • Post status — Every post can now have three states of being: publish, draft, and private. Publish is just like it was before, drafts are stored in the database and display in a special place on your edit screen, and private entries are viewable only by the author. This allows a degree of flexibility in workflow, allowing different people to work on the same post.
  • Comments status — Comments and pings can now be individually enabled or disabled on a per-post basis. The templates reflect this as well.
  • Combined Trackbacks, Pingbacks, and Comments — They’re all comments anyway, and now they display as such. This means cleaner templates and less software cruft crowding your beautiful design.
  • Security fixes — This release addresses a problem that could potentially allow SQL injection for users of MySQL 4 and above, as well as removes a vulnerable file. (If you overwrite your old installation, make sure to delete links.all.php)
  • OPML import — Import links into the link manager from OPML format, including from blogrolling.
  • ezSQL database functions — Using ezSQL has cleaned up the code quite a bit, sped it up a little, and will make it that much easier to add support for other databases beside MySQL in the future.
  • Cleaner, smoother administration — We’ve polished up all the administration screens to be even faster and easier to use, particularly the Links Manager.
  • Clean upgrades — Upgrading from b2 or a previous version of WordPress is a cinch, and we’re working on upgrade paths for users of other software.
  • Links weblogs.com checking — When checking for updated links it is now looser in what it matches so miniscule differences in the URL won’t prevent it from updating.
  • Bug fixes galore — Over twenty bugs have been smitten from the code.

So upgrade while it’s hot. What better way to spend a slow Monday?

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