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The button page is up and running, so grab one that suits you. If anyone feels inspired I would be interested to see some alternative ideas for the buttons, especially ones that don’t follow the Antipixel-style mold or make a creative use of the small space afforded. In return you get fame, fortune, and the cool fuzzy feeling of seeing your button on other sites when blog-surfing.

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  1. I’ve added two more and will probably add more still…

    Click on my URL for this comment to see the newbies.


    Comment from Mike on June 12, 2003

  2. Have a css button!

    Add to your stylesheet:
    .wp a{display:block; width:120px; margin:1px; padding:3px; border:3px outset #000; text-decoration: none; text-align:center;}
    .wp a:link{ background:#fff; color: #000;}
    .wp a:visited{ background:#fff; color: #000;}
    .wp a:hover{ border:3px inset #000; background:#000; color: #fff;}

    Then just wrap your link in a span with a class of “wp”.

    If it’s already wrapped in a list, you’ll also need to add this to the css:
    ul.wp{list-style: none; margin:0px; padding:0px; border:none;}
    ul.wp li{padding:0px; margin:0px; text-indent:0px;}

    I did that just for fun, and because it does a kind of visual word-play around “Word Press”. All yours, if you want it.

    Comment from Kathy K on June 24, 2003

  3. PS. It won’t work on NS4 or other older browsers that don’t handle the CSS “a:hover”. If it’s wrapped in a link, hide it — because a lot of them ignore ‘list-style:none’ and the button looks very strange with a dot next to it.

    Comment from Kathy K on June 24, 2003

  4. P.P.S. (Sorry, I’m the incremental type…)
    to see it in action.

    Warning: That is a test area, so the permalink probably isn’t very permanent.

    Comment from Kathy K on June 24, 2003

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