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Posted June 9, 2003 by Ryan Boren. Filed under Development.

For anybody interested, I’m just about done with lining up the data models behind Movable Type (2.64) and WordPress (0.71) to see how the import can work. The rest of it should be just going through the motions of moving the data. There are a couple of outstanding design decisions, like what to do about older versions of MT (i.e., how far is the import backwards-compatible?) and what to do about versions of MT on Berkeley DB (i.e., use MT upgrade scripts to move to MySQL or pull in the MT export format?). If you have thoughts, feel free to email me or open it up in the forums.

Also, while Matt and others much more versed in CSS might have better suggestions, I’m a fan of the tutorials at w3schools. It’s been easy for me to find what I’m looking for as a reference there.

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  1. I’m glad you decided to provide an MT Import. I feel that is the best way to ensure you get lots of users/testers quickly. Please, if at all possible, create a method to, at least in most cases, provide redirects from old MT urls to new WP urls. At the very least, provide a little mod_rewrite HOWTO in the readme for the import tool. Broken links are bad things.

    As far as the import goes, Pulling in the MT export format may be your best bet even with the MySQL version of MT. This way, if users are doing something crazy that you don’t expect, as long as they can shove it into the MT export format, your import tool will be able to handle it. This also means that even OOOOOOOLD versions of MT will be able to export its data.

    Comment from Reverend Jim on June 10, 2003

  2. I agree with rev jim… use the export feature of MT for imports. Then sql doesn’t even come into it, it’s simply a matter of parsing a flat file.

    Comment from Bill Williamson on June 12, 2003

  3. how is this import tool develpoment going? it’s the only thing blocking me from switching right now!

    Comment from KC on July 4, 2003

  4. I’d love to try out WP, but I need the MT importer first……..

    Comment from Jennifer on July 29, 2003

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