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Posted May 29, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. Filed under Meta.

We are very happy to announce that Donncha O’Caoimh is the newest member of the WordPress team. Donncha is the developer of the very mature b2++ product and we will be merging the best of the two projects with Donncha’s able help.

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  1. Donncha is a very capable programmer. After seeing his excellent work with b++ I can’t wait to see what he’ll add to the team.

    Comment from Reverend Jim on May 29, 2003

  2. That’s good news. Is there any way you could fix it so that the new WP does NOT require permanent cookies for login? That is just one step too much for many users, and other weblogging apps get along without it. Whaddaya say?

    Keep up the great work, guys!

    Comment from Isis on May 31, 2003

  3. Damn 🙂 I was going to see if I can’t attack the smarty problem myself at some point when I get some headspace – and I’ve started using WordPress in my site. Looks like b++ beat me to it 🙂

    I’m sure there’s plenty of room for helpers though

    Comment from DasFreak on June 4, 2003

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