You need to make sure you comply with both 508 regs and the ADA

  1. zorrotheunconformist

    alot of your solutions are not disability compliant..ie they cannot be read by a screenreader or someone who is deaf watching a video.

    You will get sued in light of the Target decision, and it's only fair that you guys move into the new century

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  2. dropdeaddick


    Please note that ADA guidelines do not apply here and 508 requirements can only be enforced if WordPress were under contract to a Federal/State agency.

    WordPress provides you the framework to run your blog and it is more than capable of running a 508 complaint site. Just as with Target, it is up to you -the site owner- to insure your site is complaint. The bottom line is that the issues you have pointed out fall to the site owner not WordPress. No amount of changes implemented by WordPress can be enforced once in the site owner's control.

    You may read http://codex.wordpress.org/Accessibility for more information.

    With that said, this does not cover the admin side of WordPress, which could make creating a blog difficult for some one with a sight disability. I'm sure there are many out there that would appreciate an improvement in this area. This is not a new subject and you should give your support for it at http://wordpress.org/extend/ideas/topic.php?id=1057

    There is no reason not to work towards accomplishing 508 compliance within WordPress, however, were this to be accomplished there are other factors to consider. You will still have to educate the many theme, plugin, and widget authors or simply choose not to use those that are not compliant. Let us also not forget the huge amounts of non compliant third party content that site owners pull into their blogs.

    While your subject and the context of your post are bit misguided, you do make an excellent point. Hopefully, all of those that are willing and capable will step up and take the necessary steps to initiate these changes.

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  3. Incorrect.

    In light of the fact that the Target Decision clearly states that Title III of the ADA applies to websites, and that in the age of adaptive technology, when literally, the only real chance for a PWD to get off of government assistance is self employment via web based technology, there is a case to be made for this.

    Furthermore, since all say benefit plans at say Fortune 500 Companies, which are covered under Title I, have to be 508 compliant and Title I compliant, I would say that this issue is firmly settled in cyberspace.

    In addition, the signature of the Human Rights Treaty for PWDs with the UN, even though it hasn't been ratified by Congress yet, will MANDATE this...simply because the UN considers it a global human right for everyone to have access to the Internet.

    I am very familiar with case law folks. I worked at the ACLU legislative offices of the organization when the legislation was being written and passed through Congress, plus have a pretty decent understanding of the technical side, although I'm not a tech writing wiz by any stretch of the imagination. My understanding is more from a digital video side, telco, wireless, airspace kind of area.

    But you guys are definately liable.

    And furthermore, you are also going to think seriously about what is going on at DOJ lately, who are doing things like subpoening the ISPS on which websites lie....I would contact that Electronic Freedom Foundation for best practices asap, if you value your users international freedom and anononimity asap, as I would assume that you do as a member of the open source community.

    But for questions on 508 compliance, please feel free to contact me offline as well at margueritearnold@yahoo.com.

    You are setting up your bloggers for liability otherwise.

    Trust me. And you guys are too valuable to walk into that one blindly. No pun intended.



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  4. Jen

    Web site is what you make with WordPress. Web application is what WordPress itself is. That said, we do try to make WordPress itself accessible so please open separate threads with specific things that can be coded to be more accessible. Simply saying we're not accessible is not only unhelpful, it's incorrect.

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