Writing interface should map more to Scriverner than Word

  1. ruzel


    Right now I think the writing functionality is more geared towards a Microsoft Word model of word processor. But many writers have moved away from that model because it doesn't focus on many of the necessities of writers. Word's feature-creep carried off into the desktop publishing realm when what many writers need is not a publishing system (that's what the rest of WordPress is for!) but rather a word processing system oriented towards organizing.


    Scrivener is a fantastic program (Mac only) that points the way to a kind of word processor that more and more writers are realizing suits them. My problem with it though is that it's a desktop app. But WordPress is still nascent enough to begin to try to develop along the Scrivener model of word processor and I really think it should! Take a look at the Scrivener site, even if your a PC user, and consider the difference between it and word, and I think that you will find it is VERY suited to being a good model for WordPress.

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  2. halsnalle


    Hm, what are the features and functions that you find too MS Wordish in WordPress? What exactly would you like to see borrowed from Scrivener?

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  3. Inactive

    I know Scrivener very well and I love it, it's amazing and the best writing program I know.

    But I don't see how WordPress could become more like Scrivener. Ruzel, do you really use WP as a writing tool and not just for posting stuff you have written with other programs?

    That's how I do it. The WP editors are ok for very short and simple texts, but everything a bit advanced I do in a real writing program and later I copy and paste it into the web publishing program WordPress.

    You could use Scrivener as that writing program, Ruzel, although if you're writing a classic blog Journler would be more fitting. (I'm not sure, but isn't there a way to export directly from Journler into the WP database?)

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  4. mctt

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