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  1. Lord MIO

    This plugin creates a table in your wordpress database.

    This plugin creates a table in your wordpress database, and it stores a list of contents (html text) given with the wordpress engine, to be placed anywhere on your website.

    1. Upload the modius folder to your wp-content/plugins/ folder.
    2. Activate the plugin from the "plugins" page.
    3. Go to Modiuss > Añadir Nuevo to add Modblock.
    4. Once an ModBlock is saved you can manage them from Modius > Modblocks

    How to use this plugin?

    Place <?php modius(id); ?> anywhere on your wordpress template and replace ID by Modblock's ID.

    1. modius screenshot 1

      The screen where you add ModBlocks

    2. modius screenshot 2

      ModBlocks management

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