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    Add a system-wide preference for page ids you don't want displayed by wp_list_pages() and check for this preference value in the core wp_list_pages() function call.

    I typically add this to the theme I'm using (by adding the exclude parameter to the wp_list_pages() call in the theme's header. I do this because I've got a few pages I want accessible via a link I'll give out privately, while not burying them as a child page.

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  2. Justin Tadlock

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    I think the point is to create it as a default option as opposed to using a hook to add the functionality. It make sense if you have a large number of pages that you don't want all of them showing up on your main menu.

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  4. Alex Dunae

    The new nav management in WP 3.0 will take care of this for you.

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