WP cron table

  1. Julian Widya Perdana

    hi there, i have an idea to help some plugin or task that runs periodically. How about create db_table 'cron' ? I think it will be kinda useful

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  2. binarymoon


    wordpress already has a built in cron system - there are plugins available that will show you what wp_cron jobs have been set up so I'm sure you can build off of that.

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  3. Aaron Jorbin

    Check out the cron related functions at http://codex.wordpress.org/Category:WP-Cron_Functions

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  4. i was thinking about adding additional tab on admin page about cron job,

    so the blog owner (not only developer) can handle the cron task itself.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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