Working image lazy loading and optimization.

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    A new tag <img loading=lazy> that was added into WordPress resently does not work well for Chrome browser and does not affect positively on PageSpeed socre and page loading time.
    Google Chrome just ignores this loading=lazy tag in most cases! It loads all images from the first 15 mobile device screens ignoring this tag.
    So, please implement WORKING java-script based Lazy Loading (good example is Lozad.js script).
    Also it would be great if you implement responsive images.
    Here is an example from our website (www.softorbits.net) how <img> has to be implemented in a best way:

    <img style="min-height: 350px; width=auto;" class="lozad" alt="Screenshot" src="/assets/img/screenshots/psr/main-en.10000w.jpg" data-srcset="/assets/img/screenshots/psr/main-en.640w.jpg 640w, /assets/img/screenshots/psr/main-en.920w.jpg 920w, /assets/img/screenshots/psr/main-en.1220w.jpg 1220w, /assets/img/screenshots/psr/main-en.1920w.jpg 1920w," srcset="/assets/img/noimage.svg 100w" sizes="100vw, 640vw, 920vw, 1220vw, 1920vw">
    This lazy loading gives or website 99/100 Google Page Speed score.

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