Workflow Management or Publishing Chain

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    This combines group management with workflow and publishing chains.

    1. Allow assignment of individuals to groups
    2. Group definition is abstract and members can be added individually or by automatic association with a category, tag, page, role, etc. (or any criteria available in the User Management interface)
    3. Producers create and submit content for review
    4. Editors oversee one or more groups (editors only see content created by producers in their assigned groups)
    5. Editors are notified when content is ready for review in the admin interface and via email
    6. Editors can edit directly and/or make notes which get saved with the content
    7. Editors publish or send the content back to the producer for more work
    8. When the producer opens the content for editing again, the notes from the editor are there; the content producer can also make notes and send back to the editor.

    And of course, you should be allowed to define a longer publishing chain if you need it. E.g. Writer -> Proofreader -> Designer -> Assistant Editor -> Editor -> Published

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  2. saltlakejohn


    This idea is similar to Better User Permissions at
    and (as has been mentioned elsewhere) there is already a less-than-satisfactory plugin that purports to do something like this. In fact, many options may fit within the WP roles now defined. To help you tweak what's there now, read more at

    It's a five-star idea for a proper plugin, but not necessarily as part of the core WP code.

    Posted: 10 years ago #

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