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  1. Michael Flynn

    I'm requesting an addition to WordPress.org

    Before I pose it, here's why I feel it's needed:

    I'd like to avoid harassing the people who have already installed my plugin and making things pop up asking them to review. My plugin is a utility; it provides a tool that could easily be included into the WordPress Core and I don't want to remove the feeling of how seamless it integrates.

    However, I've gotten 1.243 downloads and a single review that wasn't by an in-house developer.

    I'd like a system to be put in place for developers to submit their plugins to have other developers review them. It'd be something for bored developers, and it'd work like this:

    - Token system for reviews. Get a token for every review you make on a plugin. This will provide incentive to review plugins for plugin developers. This could also become a revenue stream for wordpress.org where these tokens are sold as well as earned.

    - A list of plugins that are requesting reviews. This list would be populated by requests where each request would cost 3 request tokens and would stay on the list until end of day on the first day it receives a review.

    - A more flushed out review form that would have sections for a reviewer to provide suggestions, bug fixes, code patches, etc... as it'd be connecting developers with developers, and it'd be good to promote constructive feedback. Filling this out should gain the reviewer an extra token.

    This would be a great addition for everyone involved; and it can really only be done on this site. I could make a site to do this myself... but I'd have the same problem with exposure that I have right now with my plugin.

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  2. This is not a suggestion for core WP code but for the wporg site.

    It'd be nice, sure, but hell to enforce or even suggest. There's a limit to free time from everyone.

    (BTW, don't have your in house devs review your plugin. We know YOU like it. Hi, you wrote it. The forum mods will delete those.)

    Posted: 5 years ago #

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