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    I teach a class on WordPress for beginners. Finding a theme is one of the most frustrating experience for the students. The Theme Directory's Feature Filter is outdated and in need of an update.

    The suggestion below is not a complete solution to the problem, but a list things we would like to have when searching/comparing themes. I look forward to more suggestions.

    - Main navigation position
    - horizontal in header
    - Side navigation
    - Number of Menu locations
    - Number of Widget locations
    - Widget location(s) in header
    - Widget location(s) in sidebar(s)
    - Widget location(s) in Footer
    - Custom font support (Google fonts. etc.)
    - Age (last updated)
    - Compatible with (tested with WP version)
    - Plugin/addon requests (yes/no + listing)*

    * That last item is a point of contention for me. I understand the WP theme repository does not allow true dependencies, but a number of themes display a big message that you SHOULD install plugins XYZ only after you install or activate the theme. I would want to know that ahead of time.

    A tooltip option explaining the meaning of each feature would be useful. It seems different developers have different interpretations of these words when selecting tags.

    This will not be a quick change. It will take time to build the new filtering system and to have developers update their theme listing to comply with the new system. But we have to start somewhere.

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