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    There should be a setting in the wordpress admin panel to enable "iPhone mode", where when a iPhone or iPhone 3G goes to a wordpress blog, the blog will be correctly displayed on screen and all the wordpress features like commenting etc will be available. Also, the wordpress admin panel should be able to be logged into using an iPhone and iPhone 3G and all the features should be there.
    All the google adsense ads and plugins and flash content should display correctly.

    Currently when an iPhone/iPhone 3G visits a wordpress blog, they have to scroll left and right and up and down alot to view the whole wordpress blog because of the small iPhone/iPhone 3G screen size.

    I know there is a plugin for wordpress that has some of these features, but it'd be nice if wordpress has this feature in it's admin panel in the next version.

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    This remains plugin territory. As an open source platform, it would be weird to have core features that are specific to proprietary technology. WPTouch does the job very well.

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