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  1. alikazim


    I've been developing websites using WordPress since last 12 years. I have built probably a thousand of websites from scratch.

    One thing that I realised is that a lot of clients or even developers may install any plugin at any time without knowing how much is the load time decrease and how many vulnerabilities may be created using this plugin.

    I follow different exploits database to search if any plugin is vulnerable.

    WordPress should introduce a standard for authorised/safe/reviewed plugins. Plugins should have stamp with which we'll know the legitimacy of the plugin. This will assure that we're using a good plugin at the first instance. We will immediately know this is the plugin we can trust.

    Good plugin defines good code, better stability, optimised performance and ultimately save websites from slowing down, being vulnerable and many other benefits could be expected.

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  2. There's no plan to do this at this time. It's not maintainable unless you want a plugin directory with under 100 plugins.

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  3. > It's not maintainable unless you want a plugin directory with under 100 plugins.

    Even if it did just mean 100, or even 10-20 plugins that had been reviewed/approved - it would still be good (as long you could still access and install non-approved plugins). I see this similar to Twitter's verified system... it would be nice to have a core set of plugins that are definitely safe to use.

    (I appreciate nothing is ever 100% safe)

    Posted: 11 months ago #

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