widgets for posts (organize post data)

  1. Dzelde


    The current widgets are excellent for the sidebars. But, it would be great if one could similary move the location of data for a post! For example, one could change what&where should be showed for a post: date, title, category, meta_data, author, and other info generated by plugins.

    The layout should be different for a single post or multiple posts.

    Posted: 13 years ago #
  2. tompahoward

    I've had a similar issue with plugins that add themselves to the end of the_content. There is no easy way for users to adjust the order the various plugins add themselves.

    The solution I've come up with is to make the end of a post a sidebar and create miniwidgets for a number of plugins that can be placed here. Vistered Little 1.7.4 will support this functionality.

    Posted: 13 years ago #

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