What's in the cards for better Attachment management?

  1. jimisaacs

    I understand this is more than a question than an idea, but bare with me for a sec...

    I read that you guys are hard at work on 2.8, which you hope to tackle much of the media management hassles that still cripples overall functionality.

    Well, I'd like to throw my 2 cents on this.

    Keep everything in a library like you have, they are resources.
    They should be able to be attached to as many items as you wish.
    This means that attachments, and resources are separate.
    Essentially an attachment, is simply an association of a resource with a post.

    Keeping this separate eliminates any conflict with where and what the resource is doing.

    There should be a way to retrieve all resources associated with a given item.

    This should be similar to list_pages, or list_categories versus get_pages, get_categories etc...

    You should be able to do the same with a attachments.

    Sifting through the post's content for information is a NO NO back to the stone ages.
    If you start with the correct materials and architecture you can construct anything you want more easily.

    Think of possibilities of post thumbnails, category thumbnails, link thumbnails.

    Think of being able to associate ANY NUMBER of resources, to any piece of information on the site. (or at least anything that is also an instantiated class).

    Think of having resource templates, where coders could use geshi, and musicians can use media players, and photographers can use images.
    This kind of resource formatting and filtering could and should be done within a THEME, not with 100 different combinations of plugins. (that's stretching a bit, sorry)


    I realize this is going to the CMS side of things, but I just wanted to say this...
    I just finished up my LAST site in the bloated app Joomla, I never want to see Drupal again, RIP Mambo, and need I say more with the quality of the rest out there?

    I believe it has the potential to be the very best of a everything. Including a CMS.

    Think about it....

    I don't care if it started as a Blog engine.

    What is a blog? It's a @#$# website!
    What do you need to manage a website?

    ding ding...

    a CMS!!!

    WordPress is great... and yet I believe it still has so much more potential.

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. webwisedesign

    The idea about having an association of a resource (media item) with a post is a very good one. In this way the same file can be referenced from many different Posts/Pages on the site.

    My thoughts also have lead me to ask if there is a way of revising media files. If you have uploaded a document, image, or video that you have then edited and would like to revise you should be able to do so.

    You are also correct in pointing out that this may cross into the CMS side of things, but WordPress IS an excellent CMS! We need to stop thinking about WordPress in the limited aspect of Blog software. WordPress IS A CMS.

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  3. Jen
    Key Master

    Some of the things in this thread have been implemented, some already existed in 2.7, some are not implemented, and some are more philosophical ideas than concrete suggestions. Am closing this thread. To get proper community attention and feedback, please only put one specific suggestion per idea thread.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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