new version branch of wordpress, building websites for mobile and pads

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    at present,mobiles and pads device still have two major disadvantage to PC:
    1,less powerful computing capability,
    2,slower and instable network speed in wireless network,compared to fixed line broadband

    so website visitor is much more sensitive on speed than ever.....speed is the core and most important thing for a website dedicated to mobile and pad

    Currently, wordpress is powerful enough,especially,those custom post type features makes it the most popular tool to build new website.. but it still aim at PC platform.

    but users(website builder or operator) demand are shifting to mobile quickly.
    So i think WordPress should launch new branch version of wordpress dedicated to create mobile sites,with better fitting to the above two mobile situation,smaller size and better efficiency, even redesign the core programme and plugin mechanism.

    an improfessional suggest just from a normall guy....anyway, wordpress is good enough and thanks for what you have done:)

    i want to emphasize that, i don't mean a mobile theme or plugin that changes WP into mobile style.looking....there are enough these kind of things now and i have tried a few....looks like that they are all mainly to change a already existed site's appearence, not for build totally new sites for mobile. ..........it's actually about speed and user experience....that's why i think even redesign is worthfull......

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