Way to be able to Unlink top level links in menus while sub-menus link to pages

  1. vytaulla51

    I use WP as a CMS. Current project has a menu with sub-menus. The client wants some of the top-level links to just be "guides", ie. they won't represent pages, but their sub-menus ARE linked to pages.

    So top level could be something like:
    Home | About | Products | Contact

    The "Products" item will have a couple of sub-menus items linked to live pages, but the Products item itself isn't linked to a page. Make sense?

    Right now, ez fix is to make "products" a custom link, and put # in the URL. But that still makes it look "live" when you mouseover it. Otherwise have to get into the functions.php, or use a javascript, or use a plugin. If you could add an option such that we could enter some particular symbol or word or something into the custom menu url field that would indicate that the "Label" should appear in the menu but should not be a live link, that would be great!

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  2. Jen

    You can already do this with a custom menu. Just use a custom link for the top-level item and give it a name but no URL.

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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