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    Many topics on this support forum are out dated and no longer relevant, the time spent in sifting through 3 year old topics is a waste of time. We should have the ability to delete our own topics and it would be a good idea if WP perhaps archived all previous years and put them someplace else that way on the support forum we are only dealing with the current year.

    I also believe WP should stand behind its current updated version and not support older versions, if you want to use WP upgrade to the current version, let the support be up to date, how much time is wasted through this process of old outdated solutions that may only work on older versions.

    Also people need to stop using <? when they post code and use <?php

    When posting code use examples, don't just post some complexed code that nobody has a clue how to make work

    If there are repeat requests for the same thing it should give wp a clue that it should be part of the core

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