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    Asks the visitor making the comment to key in the disappeared chinese word. This is intended to prove that the visitor is a human being but a spam rob

    Chinese Comment Spam Protection asks the visitor making the comment to key in/copy a simple chinese word. This is intended to prove that the visitor is a human being but a spam robot.

    Example: 成长?路 请输入“之”字

    This plugin does not require JavaScript or cookies. The result of the question is being passed via a hidden field. The result is being compared with the value entered by the visitor.

    Please visit the official website for further details and the latest information on this plugin.

    See on the official website.

    Where can I get more information?

    Please visit the official website for the latest information on this plugin.

    1.0 [2010-10-18]

    • Initial release
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  2. MarketHEIST.com

    FreeStockCharts widget for real-time stock & forex charts. Interactive charts: switch between 7000+ symbols, add indicators, multiple time frames

    FreeStockCharts Live Stock Chart Browser allows you to add full real-time stock charting software into any widgetized areas of your WordPress site. Visitors will see live market charts instead of delayed or static charts, with the ability to drill down all the way to 1-minute charts and add any of 70+ indicators. Powered by Worden's FreeStockCharts.com widget, which requires Microsoft Silverlight installed in your browser.


    1. Dynamically switch between 7000+ stock symbols, all forex pairs symbols, market data and market internals symbols, and market index symbols.
    2. "Smart" listing of symbols when you start typing symbols, company names, or index titles into the "Enter Name or Symbol" box.
    3. Compare current stock chart with up to 5 other symbols, all displayed on the same chart
    4. Analyze in 18 different time-frames: Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, 9 Day, 8 Day, 7 Day, 6 Day, Weekly, 4 Day, 3 Day, 2 Day, Daily, Hourly, 30 Minute, 15 Minute, 10 Minute, 5 Minute, 2 Minute, and 1 Minute charts
    5. 70 of the most common indicators can be overlaid on the chart and indicator settings customized. Customize indicator color, period, and other settings.
    6. Visitors can customize the look and feel of the chart: type of bars (bar chart, candlestick chart, etc.), bar colors,
    7. Visitors can choose between regular or logarithmic scale
    8. Visitors can add a line for yesterday's closing price and/or today's opening price.
    9. Customize and add indicators to lower panels, such as adding moving averages to volume display
    10. Customize the title, width, height, and theme of the widget to match your site design.

    Requirements: * Microsoft Silverlight installed on browser

    1. Upload heist-freestockcharts-browser.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Locate the widget in the 'Widgets' menu in WordPress
    4. Drag and drop the widget to the desired widget areas
    5. Customize settings: title, width, height, and theme.

    Advanced Customizations: Add to any post or page 1. Find the 'FreeStockCharts Widget' options under 'Settings' 1. Follow instructions to download Widgets on Pages WordPress plugin

    Advanced Customizations: Customize Every Aspect of Charts 1. Find the 'FreeStockCharts Widget' options under 'Settings' 1. Follow instructions under 'Advanced - Custom Chart Code' 1. Customize your chart with any symbol, chart timeframe, add indicators, change theme colors 1. Copy code 1. Go to 'Widgets' and paste the code in the FreeStockCharts widget

    Is there a Tutorial?

    See our tutorial and demo video

    How do you add the widget on a page or post?

    With the Widgets on Pages plugin. See the demo video to add FreeStockCharts Live Stock Chart Browser widget to a post or page.

    Is FreeStockCharts really free?

    Yes. FreeStockCharts.com is built by stock market data and software company Worden Brothers, Inc.. Latest 15-minutes of real-time data is provided by the BATS exchange that currently accounts for 12% of market volume.

    How do you use FreeStockCharts?

    Visit FreeStockCharts.com's help library

    Is this plugin built by FreeStockCharts or parent company Worden?

    No. This plugin was built independently by MarketHEIST.com using the FreeStockCharts widget found in the FreeStockCharts Widget Gallery

    Where can I find more information about FreeStockCharts?

    Review report of FreeStockCharts Stock Charting Software

    1. freestockcharts-live-stock-chart-browser screenshot 1

      Default size example on MarketHEIST.com marketWIRE

    2. freestockcharts-live-stock-chart-browser screenshot 2

      Custom size example on MarketHEIST.com marketWIRE, showing dynamic symbol search and chart switch

    3. freestockcharts-live-stock-chart-browser screenshot 3

      WordPress Widget panel screenshot of customizable options

    4. freestockcharts-live-stock-chart-browser screenshot 4

      Multiple charts on the same page. Example with GLD and USO. USO in sidebar with custom time frame and moving average indicators with new custom settings in ver.0.45.1


    • Major upgrade to version 0.45
    • Added admin options under 'Settings' -> 'FreeStockCharts Widget' with information for advanced use
    • Advanced use instructions: Add to any post or post with 'Widgets on Pages' wordpress plugin
    • Advanced use instructions: Customize every aspect of the chart: symbol, timeframe, indicators, colorscheme, compare charts
    • Added 2 symbols to standard widget options for commodities: GLD (Gold ETF) and USO (United States Oil Fund ETF)


    • Minor update for code optimization. Decreased size from 16KB in ver 0.23.1 to 12KB in ver 0.23.3


    • Allows selection of startup chart: DIA (Dow Jones Industrials), SPY (S&P 500), QQQQ (Nasdaq 100), IWM (Russell 2000), or EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar Forex Pair)


    • First version of this plugin.
    Posted: 6 years ago #

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