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    I occasionaly have visitors wanting to exchange links. When I agree to it, I simply log in to WordPress and add their link to my blogroll. What I would like to see is a plugin which displays a small link submission form in my sidebar so that users can submit links anytime. I would then see these submissions in my admin interface and reject them or approve them and assign them to link categories.
    I would suggest 3 fields for this:
    1. link to submit (with pre-filled "http://")
    2. link title
    3. submitter's email AND/OR reciprocal link so that I can check if they really have linked to my site.

    upon submition, link could automaticaly be added to the blogroll but not published. The reciprocal link or email would be added in the WP database as the link's description perhaps?

    Upon rejection, link is deleted from the database

    Upon approval, I would be taken to the link's detail page where I could assign categories to it or edit it.

    Mighty usefull don't you think?

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