User Groups - please ;)

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    User groups - possibility to make groups, put users into groups, each user could be member of more groups, also a group can be a member of other group, each group/member can have rights, with also "negative" right (e.g. i want someone to be an admin, but do not allow him to see and change the users), users could invite other people and then give them the same rights ... + management page of course

    Lack of this function is one of two reasons why i still have to use other systems in many cases

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  2. Christiaan


    Maybe this can be tied in with the request for the ability to restrict the reading of posts to family and friends too:

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  3. Mark


    Hmm, not sure about this. I have had to turn to other systems occasionally as well (Drupal has fabulous user management capabilities), and while I certainly like WordPress more than those other systems, I don't think WordPress should strive to be all things to all people.

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  4. Inactive

    I was searching the ideas for something like this.
    In reply to the poet (and here is my wish): wouldn't it be nice to be able to invite your friends as users of the blog?

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  5. StrangeAttractor


    Yes, please! One thing WP is still really lacking is good ability to restrict viewing pages and posts according to user levels. Wish this was tied in with the "Role-Manager" plugin.

    There are many, many legitimate uses for restricting posts and pages according to user level. On the most basic level, you may want to have pages and posts that are only visible to logged-users. You may also want to have private administrative pages that appear according to the level of the logged in user.

    What I would really like is to have these functions customizable -- you can choose whether the restricted page has a visible link, or simply is hidden, and you can do this for every restricted page you create. Why? Well, on a site I am working on, we'd like to have private member pages, but we want the non-registered users to know what they are missing, so the links are visible, but you can't get in to the pages. But we also would like admin pages the links to which are ONLY visible to users with rights to see them (no sense in "teasing" non-administrators, doesn't make sense).

    So better ability to restrict by user level would be a great feature. None of the plugins I've used really offer much power or flexibility in this way, and yet it doesn't seem like it would be hard to tie it in to the existing user-level functions.

    I used to use page-restriction (wish someone would update it) but it breaks in versions later than 2.1.

    Posted: 9 years ago #

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