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  1. tomkinsg


    i had a look about and didn't see this out there which surprised me. Forgive me if this is already an idea out there being considered.

    We need a way to add links to posts, pages, categories, tags etc into posts and pages so that if

    1. the blog's address changes or
    2. if the permalink structure changes or
    3. if a page is moved around, the link is automatically updated.

    There is a plug in out there that does half the job that i have considered extending but have not gotten the time. Page linker i think its called - it adds a widget to the TinyMCE editor and you can select a page and it'll insert a link to it. But the link inserted is the real link. What i think needs to be inserted is something like:

    [WPPage:27]link to my great page[/WPPage] or
    [WPCategory:5] or
    [WPPost:99] etc

    When the page is then displayed in the blog, the [WPPage:27] is replaced by the real link.

    Does that make sense? I think this would be a great additional feature of the base WordPress app as it grows into a Content Management Tool.

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  2. firehouse


    This is essential! I would PAY for this feature. Its' a pain to go get a page's link, copy it, then go BACK to the editor to insert the link. Not only that, but if you change the permalink structure move your blog to a new url etc. WOW, what a mess you've got on your hands.

    I throw in whatever is needed to get this integrated into the CORE functions and text editor features.

    Posted: 9 years ago #

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