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  1. edmondox

    Linking text to media files should be simple but is actually time consuming, error prone and counter-intuitive.

    Linking to a post is easy: highlight text, click the link icon, find the post or add the URL, simple. But for a PDF: highlight text, click the link icon, leave the post (there's no media search), go to the Media section, find the file, edit it, copy the URL from an obscure half-hidden field, go to the Posts section, find the post, edit it, highlight the text and enter the URL. A huge waste of time.

    Assuming it shouldn't be this long-winded you might try highlighting text and clicking Add Media. A modal to find the file appears - brilliant - but wait! Select the file, click Insert, and instead of linking the highlighted text WordPress REPLACES that text with a mangled filename!? At this point you might ask WTF is going on and why something so simple is complicated and confusing.

    This couldn't be more counter-intuitive but the solution is simple. When using Add Media to add links to text, WordPress should apply the link to the highlighted text (or use the media title if no text is highlighted). No more confusion. WordPress looks good, not dumb. Clients keep the faith.

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  2. This will be resolved in Gutenberg.

    Posted: 1 year ago #

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