UNIQUE index on user_login in wp_users

  1. michalzuber

    Why is user_login column with INDEX instead UNIQUE in the DB?

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  2. mackbincroft

    Lists the Latest Gossip from Hollywood.

    Mack's Celebrity Gossip News Feed plugin incorporates an external RSS news feed into a cool looking Flash news feed. The feed moves from bottom to top, with a nice Hollywood graphic, followed by headlines and stories. You can click on a story title or summary to see the actual page where it is posted. You can also edit the width and height of the plugin to suit your needs. Finally, you can select how many articles you want to appear in the feed: 1 to 12.

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    A variety of news is available, including:

    • Latest Gossip

    • Hollywood News

    • Celebrity Dish

    • Rumors

    • Celebrity Break Ups and/or Hook Ups

    • Movie News

    • Music News

    • Entertainment Highlights

    • Scandals


    Mack Bincroft

    This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

    1. Upload macks-celebrity-gossip-news-feeed folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    2. Go to you plugins' control panel and then click "Activate" to turn the plugin on.
    3. Then, visit your "settings" control panel (on the lower left hand side of your blog for WP versions 2.9+ ) where you will see a link for "Mack's NCAA Basketball News Feed". Click this link and then edit the settings as you like them.
    4. Finally visit your Appearance->Widgets menu where you can put the plugin output in your sidebar where you want.

    Who can help me out?

    Email: mack@jawer.org . No spam please.

    How many articles can I display?

    You can display between 1 and 12 articles, 12 being the maximum our feed contains.

    How do I resize the plugin output on my sidebar?

    Visit your Settings menu and click "Mack's Celebrity Gossip News Feed", and then edit the size and width to your requirements.

    Can I change the Feed's Colors?

    Not at this time, although we will work hard to make improvements that will address this concern.

    How do I turn off the Dashboard News Section?

    There are two ways. 1) Go to your dashboard and find the bottom of the news menu, then click the "X" button. Reload your page using your browser's "reload" button, and the feed will be permanently removed (unless you want it back :) ). 2) You can also remove the feed within your "Mack's NCAA Basketball News Feed" control panel.

    Gee, I liked the Dashboard News, how do I turn it back on or activate it again?

    Hurray! Go to "Mack's Celebrity Gossip News Feed" control panel and scroll towards the bottom of the page. You will see drop-down menu with options "Yes" or "No" to display the feed. Simply select "Yes" and then click "Save Settings", and the feed will return. Note, the dropdown menu defaults to showing "Yes", but if you've already deactivated the dashboard news feed, the feed won't display.


    This is the first version of many to come.

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  3. PGAdmin

    This plugin allows your PlanGenius.com widget to work in WordPress. A PlanGenius.com account is required.

    Plan Genius provides a free, easy to use, customizable widget to take online appointments and contact forms. This plugin allows our widget to work in WordPress.

    1. Upload plangenius_wp_plugin.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Configure the plugin through the PlanGenius settings tab in the left nav bar.
    4. Add your PlanGenius.com username (not a member? Register at http://www.plangenius.com for FREE!)
    5. Create a list of pages you want your widget to show up on
    6. Define how your widget will display (top, buttom, custom)
    7. If custom, place a <PlanGeniusWidget> tag in the location you want our widget to appear.

    Can I use this widget without a PlanGenius.com account?

    No, a registered username is required. Your PlanGenius.com account is where you setup and customize your appointment and contact form widget. Please register FREE at http://www.plangenius.com today.

    When I choose CUSTOM placement in the settings, my PlanGenius widget no longer appears on the page, why?

    For CUSTOM placement, you must put our PlanGenius tag on the page in the location you want it to appear. This is done by typing the tag <PlanGeniusWidget> in the spot you want our widget to be shown. Please be aware that simply typing this tag into a page will not make our widget appear unless that page is also specified in the list of pages setting field.

    I don't understand the list of pages setting option, please explain

    Our plugin widget will be injected into any page you specify in this list. If you have a page named "Home" and a page named "ContactUs" in your wordpress site, you could type "Home, ContactUs" into this setting and it will display on both pages. However if you only want it to display on the "ContactUs" page, simply type "ContactUs" into this setting field.

    1. plan-genius-widget-display screenshot 1

      PlanGenius.com, a solution to your business scheduling, customer and marketing needs.

    2. plan-genius-widget-display screenshot 2

      One of our customizable widgets in action

    3. plan-genius-widget-display screenshot 3

      Another one of our customizable widgets in action

    4. plan-genius-widget-display screenshot 4

      Online calendar view puts you in control of your day.


    • Initial Release
    • This version supports settings for Username, Page Display and Placement on Page.
    Posted: 5 years ago #

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