Unify WordPress Plugins for unique API key

  1. c00l2sv


    Well actually this is not something that disturbs but I think it will make wordpress more closer to the human wishes.

    The idea: Why not use one unique setting (for example in adminCP->options->General) where the blogger will be able to define once and forever his WP API key?! This is due to the growing number of high quality plugins offered by wordpress team. So far we got 2 plugins (stats and akismet) that are asking for an API key, and if the number will grow we'll have to update the same option on and on...?!

    I know this is not "mission impossible" to be done, but I think it will leave a great impression when the end-user will got what's all about.

    Thanks, and keep it on!!!

    Posted: 10 years ago #

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