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  1. breather


    I feel like there is different behaviors for when uploading photos to a post when using the web-version, app-version, Share-Sheet, mail etc.

    I think we should be able to set what kind of behavior we want as a standard in "Media Settings" and then let that carry over to other places.

    Behaviors like:
    -What kind of size to display
    -How the html part looks like, i want it to be <img> not just <img>
    -What "Large" (and more) means. Now it differs from place to place no matter what I set it to be in "Media Settings".

    Maybe some sort of "If then else" system for photos in the "Media settings" area.


    IF post from mail THEN
    photo = large and linked to original.

    IF post from app THEN
    photo = original size and not linked

    IF post from share sheet THEN
    photo = medium and linked to attachment page

    Or something like that.

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