Un-updated plugin Removals

  1. phil1ooo


    I have used WP for a while now on many different occasions over the years and have noticed this request to have gotten to the point which has become not only very annoying but extremely frustration not to mention a complete waste of time.
    I am talking about the numerous number of plugins that haven't been updated in years which still show up in plugin search results. These plugins are completely useless and still having them there is just a total waste of time, space and adds increased time to searching for plugins to the point that when I get to 2nd and 3rd level search pages and start seeing these 6 months to 3/4yr since updated notes I just leave altogether which means if there are any recently new plugins that I could have used because they are what I wanted and up to date MISS OUT completely. Unlucky for them if their doing the right thing supporting WP users and trying to make a buck.

    The other very disappointing factor that wp has become knowing annoying for is when typing a keyword for a plugin search knowing there should be heaps using that keyword but yet wp results brings maybe 3 or 4 or so of that keyword to the page and the rest is irrelevant to your search meaning you need to go do pages searches again to find what you want amoung all the non-relevant material thus bring us back the first comment in the post.

    Can't wp devs do something about these frustrating issues as this is only getting worse as time goes by.
    You should implement a hide plugin from search if it either
    1) does match the admins version in wp dashboard
    2) hide within browser forums if not updated to current version within 6 months.
    3) have a filter next to the search bar offer version options

    any and/or all of these would greatly improve wp as a whole and I am sure many would agree.

    Anyway that's my idea on this very frustrating issue.

    Posted: 11 months ago #
  2. matratzenprofis



    i agree with you on this matter. It would be nice if there is a filter, which hides plugins that have not been updated for a certain amount of time or are not tested since wp-version x.x.

    This would be a easy and simple solution to this problem.

    Thanks for your time!

    Posted: 10 months ago #
  3. Miro


    A filter would be nice and helpful. There are tons of similar or duplicate plugins. Some are fresh and updated other are old as hell.

    If you could filter then out it would be perfect.

    Posted: 10 months ago #
  4. We actually hide everything not updated in 2 years from search results, and this year alone have pushed to clean up thousands of old, abandoned, plugins.

    Posted: 10 months ago #

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