Types of homepages / Landingpages for CustomPostTypes

  1. hetgelaat

    In the trac-discussion on ticket http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/16379 I read an idea from @WraithKenny about 'types of homepages'. It made me think about an issue I encounter a lot: I have a custom post type (or a custom taxonomy), and the client wants to be able to have an 'archive' of the CPT, but also wants to add some extra info (with custom fields for example) on that CPT-archive page.

    With that 'types of homepage' idea, we could have a the possibility to assign a (static) page as the homepage of a Custom Post Type. That page would fit in the normal 'flow' of pages (eg also shows in WP_menus) and can be enhanced with custom_fields etc.

    To clarify (and maybe for someone to give any better advice), my working methods now:

    Right now I use either of these options:
    a) I make a page with custom temlate on which I load the CPT-archive (on the template file) and the user can add extra info on the page. Downside of this is that the name of the page will usually be the same as the name of the CPT, which will give a name-collision, or the page-slug will have a number behind it.
    b) I make a page with an arbitrary name and a custom template and a relation to a CPT (with a custom field). Then on the archive-template (archive-CPTname.php) I query for the page with association to the CPT and load that content. (+ ofcourse the CPT-archive.

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  2. Jennifer


    You could make a CPT-archive page within your theme and just make it a shell. What I mean is it doesn't really pull in any of the site's contents until someone clicks or types the full URL for example and then they'll be pointed over to a separate page which has the entire original content of the CPT-archive page... just named something different to avoid name/slug collision.

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  3. richcomm73

    I'm looking for a WordPress landing page plugin that allows me to have a separate URL slug for more than one page. I want to launch several landing pages in addition to my main "blog" page. Each additional page would have a separate URL slug. Can anyone point me to such a plugin?

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  4. ichcomm73 - Please post in http://wordpress.org/support/

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